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Basis Administration in the Age of SAP HANA requires new skills from SAP Basis Administrators. One of them HANA DB Maintenance & Upgrade. For example, SPS updates should be installed at regular intervals to avoid errors and to keep your Database up to date

Prerequisites for HANA DB Upgrade.

You want to install a new SPS on SAP HANA database. For example, in EWA report you found

"SAP HANA database: Support Package has run out of security maintenance. Support with SAP Security Notes is no longer ensured."



Corrections are shipped in the form of Revisions and Support Packages Stack (SPS) of the product’s components.  We start from DEV landscape

Step 1. Preparation phase.

Step 1.1 What's New

Check What's New in SAP blog-posts and Webinars

For example, if we want Upgrade from SPS03 to SPS05

Related Blogs:

What's New in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 04

What’s New in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05


Related Webinars:

What's New in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 04


What's New in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05


Step 2.2 Libraries updating

New SPS version may require a new version of Linux libraries in your system

Without required libraries updating process interrupt with error (for example)

"Cannot access required library '/opt/rh/SAP/lib64/compat-sap-c++-9'"*

* compat-sap-c++ - provides additional runtime compatibility libraries required by newer SAP NetWeaver  / SAP HANA  releases. These libraries are installed independently of the standard runtime

libraries provided by RHEL.

Installation of compat-sap-c++ requires a "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions" subscription

Resolution for RHEL

  1. Log in to your RedHat account

  2. Go to Subscriptions tab

  3. Copy Pool ID to clipboard


  1. Register (username and password from RedHat account)

subscription-manager register --username=XXX  --password=YYYY

  1. Attach to pool

subscription-manager attach --pool=<pool id from clipboard>

3.Enable all sap* repositories for this system

subscription-manager repos --enable="*sap*"


Now system ready to install libraries

yum install compat-sap-c++-9

yum install libatomic

check version

rpm - q compat-sap-c++-9 libatomic


How to subscribe RHEL 7 SAP HANA system to Extended Update Support (EUS) channel?

Overview of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Applications subscription

Step 2.3 Backup

Backup SysetmDB and all tenants

Step 2.4 Update strategy and Media Download

For example, if you have SAP HANA SPS03 you can upgrade the system to SPS05 in one step.

Don’t forget about the installed plugins. Check installed Plug-ins in Hana Studio or DBACockpit transaction.

Find SPS on SAP Launchpad. For example, if you want upgrade to SPS05:

Download SAR archives with a correct version of plug-in  from Launchpad too

NB: For HANA DB Rev51  ->LCAPPS plugin must be  Rev51 version too

Step 2.5 Media Upload

1. Upload SAR archives to HANA DB server.

2. Extract files from SAR archives.

3. Important moment. Structure after extracting procedure must be separated like:

Step 2.6 Check disk space

Check free space at the mount point /hana/shared/<SID>

Without required free space updating process interrupt with error /hana/shared/<SID> "NOT ENOUGH SPACE LEFT"

For example, updating procedure from SPS03 to SPS05 required 9.5GB of free space at /hana/shared/<SID>

N.B.  For partitions in ext3/ext4 you can extend size "on the fly"

Find bindings between  mount point  /hana/shared/<SID> and volume group / logical volume


For example, extend size on 10GB

lvextend -L +10G /dev/<volume group>/<lodical volume>

xfs_growfs /dev/<volume group>/<lodical volume>

Step 2.7 Stop systems

  1. Stop SAP systems running on HANA DB.


NB: stopsap j2ee  *for Java systems

       stopsap R3 *for ABAP systems

2 . Stop HANA DB

NB: su - <sidadm>

HDB stop

NB: Average time for HANA DB stopping: 5-20 minutes (this measure depends on the DB-size).

Step 2. Update phase.

Run command from root privileges from a folder with extracted  HANA SPS-files,

/<extracted path>/SAP_HANA_DATABASE/hdblcm --ignore=check_signature_file (minus,minus)

HDBLCM found components for updating:

Updating procedure:

Step 3. Post update phase.

Step 3.1 Check new version

NB: su - <sidadm>

HDB version

Step 3.2 Start systems

HANA DB already started automatically at this point so time to start application server in reserve sequence


NB: startsap j2ee  *for Java systems

       startsap R3 *for ABAP systems

Step 3.3 Consistency check

Log-in in your SAP system to 000 client and check output of transaction SICK


Repeat steps above for HANA DB in QAS system and after additional approvals in PROD landscape.

SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided

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