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This was a SAP User Group webcast from last week.

Abstract is here:

Analytics is the core of running the business with deep insight for decision making. Running the business is better or rather say best, when the platform is SAP HANA. The critical fuel for analytics is right data. Data can be raw and as is or it can be enriched and improved to make it meaningful. Data Integration with Data Quality is the key to procure and make data meaningful. In this session we will be sharing level two information about SAP HANA Smart Data Integration and Smart Data Quality with additional information on Data Virtualization.

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies

Everything subject to change

SAP assumes no responsibility.

Source: SAP

Use interface

Take advantage of SAP HANA memory speed

Source: SAP

Capabilities in SAP HANA

Operational/analytical use cases

SDI - real time, batch, ELT

SDQ - data quality - data cleansing, geo-coding matching

Embedded in SAP HANA

Can deploy on premise or in cloud

Source: SAP

Supports IT team

Development tool for IT team

Access, move, transform, cleanse data in real time or batch

Source: SAP

One HANA platform

Part of HANA platform

From any data source

Source: SAP

SDI - ingest data from wide variety of data sources

Combines capabilities of SAP Data Services and SLT

Get changes in real time depending on type of source

Can be log based scanning

Some cases is trigger based, resembling SLT

Can send data back into certain targets; check PAM

Use SAP WebIDE going forward, use URL to access design time

Source: SAP

Install agent on premise

Agent acts as a proxy

On premise use TCP/IP; use HTTPS in cloud

Agent compresses data (to minimize bandwidth) and sends over TCP/IP in HANA

Source: SAP

DP agent can be downloaded from SMP

Connect to DP Server

Source: SAP

Transformations executed in calc engine

Source: SAP

Supports design time artifacts

Drag and drop interface


Source: SAP

Available transformations

Source: SAP

Supports real time

RestAPI can be used in consuming applications

Not all transformations are available in real time

Source: SAP

Replication task is another artifact

Single or mass replication

Basic transformations

Source: SAP

Data masking to protect information with SSL

Data masking transformation

Different data masking variants

Source: SAP

In-built capability for data quality; part of SAP HANA

Use in-memory capabilities

Cleanse transformation to identify duplicates

Match transformation

Geocode transformation to enrich data with lat/longitude

Reverse geo coding to provide address

Geocoding integrates with HANA spatial

Source: SAP

Executes on the script server

Turn on script server and data provisioning server

Source: SAP

SDQ helps get accurate geo code information

Source: SAP

Real time data quality check and verification

Source: SAP

Data Hub manages data movement

Source: SAP

Outlook for Data Hub; SDI/SDQ already there

ADP is a work in progress

Source: SAP

Data Hub architecture

Source: SAP

Road map was not covered during webcast

Source: SAP

Road map was not covered during the webcast

Replay is here
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