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The purpose of this document is to define clear steps of connecting BW on HANA DB from HANALIVE DB to use BW models in HANALIVE reports. In this scenario we have used two separate HANA DBs (one for BW and another for HANALIVE for ERP 1.0)


This scope applies for Basis team who support Smart Data Access (SDA) configuration after will go live. This procedure applied for prerequisites, installation and post installation configuration of complete SDA setup between BW on HANA DB and HANALIVE DB.


SAP BW system running on SAP NW 7.4 SP8 with HANA DB SPS8 Revision 82

HANALIVE DB is used as side car scenario with version SPS8 revision 82


Software Versions

You have installed SAP HANA SP7 or higher and the remote data sources are available.

ODBC Drivers

You have installed the ODBC drivers for the databases you want to connect see SAP note 1868702 on each HANA node. If you installed ODBC drivers in your HANA exe directory as per note 1868702 these ODBC drivers will be removed during a revision update and have to be installed again after the update.


SAP HANA smart data access makes it possible to connect remote data sources and to present the data contained in these data sources as if from local SAP HANA tables. This can be used, for example, in SAP Business Warehouse installations running on SAP HANA to integrate data from remote data sources.

In SAP HANA, virtual tables are created to represent the tables in the remote data source. Using these virtual tables, joins can be executed between tables in SAP HANA and tables in the remote data source. All access to the remote data source is read-only.

In this scenario we are doing the Smart Data Access setup on Enterprise HANA system to connect to BW on HANA system remotely

Please check the attached document for detailed procedure of SDA setup for HANA.


1. Create user with required privileges in BW on HANA DB

Login to remote source SAP HANA system BWoH, using SYSTEM user and create the user SDA with following privileges.

System Privilege: Catalog Read

Object Privileges:

    • SELECT on Schema SAPABAP1
    • SELECT on _SYS_BIC & _SYS_BI

Note: Schema SAPABAP1 contains all the required base tables which HANA Modelling team wants to build their reports.

2. Logon to HANALIVE DB as SYSTEM user and configure the Smart Data Access.

SAP HANA system authorization CREATE REMOTE SOURCE is required to create a remote source. SYSTEM user already has this authorization.

In the Systems view, open -> Provisioning -> Remote Sources.

Right click Remote Sources and select New Remote Source.

Enter the following information: Source Name. Select the Adapter Name from the drop-down list as HANA (ODBC) in this case as we are connection remote SAP HANA Database. Enter the values for: Server, Port, User Name and the Password of user SDA which we have created on SAP BW on HANA system.

Click the Save the Editor icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Connection Verification

After the SDA connection is successfully created, verify if you could connect to remote source AP6 system and check if you could see the tables under schema SAPABAP1

4. User authorization to access

Authorization to access data in the remote data source is determined by the privileges of the database user as standard.

Grant the following privileges to the role assigned to the Modelling users, so that they can create virtual tables and then write SQL queries which could operate on virtual tables. The SAP HANA query processor optimizes these queries, and executes the relevant part of the query in the target database, returns the results of the query to SAP HANA, and completes the operation.

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