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Reason for HANA DB patch level update

We are copying HANA DB from SLES 11.3 revision 102.01 to RHEL 6.5 revision 102.00 through Backup / Restore method using SWPM (homogeneous system copy). While restoring any HANA DB it is necessary to have at least same or higher patch level into the target environment. This is reason we are updating target HANA DB environment from revision 102.00 to latest available patch level 102.04.

Download SAP HANA patches

Download following updates (Database, Studio & Client) from SAP marketplace and transfer to HANA server

Current available patch level is 102.04 (PL04). So we are updating into PL 04. We will download Studio, Client & DB for update.

SAP HANA Backup before update

Take complete backup before rev update start

Extract HANA Patches

Move all SAR files into HANA host server and extract using switch –manifest SIGNATURE.SM

If you extract more than one component SAR into a single directory, you need to move the SIGNATURE.SMF file to the subfolder (SAP_HANA_DATABASE, SAP_HANA_CLIENT, SAP_HANA_STUDIO etc.), before extracting the next SAR in order to avoid overwriting the SIGNATURE.SMF file. For more information, see also SAP Note 2178665 in Related Information.

Do the same for client & studio as well

HANA Update via STUDIO

Run SAP HANA Platform Lifecycle Management from HANA STUDIO

Select the location from HANA host

This completes HANA patch level update.

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