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Tahir Hussain “Bob” Babar from the SAP HANA Academy details how to upgrade a SAP HANA One system to SAP HANA SPS7 Version 70. SAP HANA SPS7 is required for the HANA Live2! course. To view all of the content and links for the course please visit the HAHA Live2! Project Overview.

Accessing the Management Console for the SAP HANA One Instance

Bob wants to access the Management Console for his SAP HANA One instance and details how to in 6 steps.

  1. First, Bob copies his elastic IP address from the AWS EC2 Management Console and pastes it into a new browser tab. Bob adds the exception to access the web page to open up his SAP HANA One Management Console setup page in the browser.
  2. Back in the AWS EC2 Management Console Bob selects his account name, then security credentials, and then clicks on access keys (access key id and secret access key). Bob copies his access key id and his secret access key and pastes them into their respective tabs in the SAP HANA One Management Console setup page.
  3. Next Bob accepts the software license agreement.
  4. Bob then creates a master password for his SAP HANA One Management Console before clicking on the Setup HANA One! button.
  5. Then, in the administration tab Bob creates a hdbadm password for the Linux user and a master SYSTEM password for the database user.
  6. Bob then clicks on configure SAP HANA to access the front end of the SAP HANA One Management Console.

SAP HANA One Management Console

Bob explains the five tabs of the SAP HANA One Management Console.

  • Status – Displays the status for all of the serves and lists the disk, CPU, and memory usage.
  • Administration – Allows user to start and stop HANA and reset the passwords.
  • Backup & Recovery – Users can backup their SAP HANA database and then recover their backed up databases.
  • Addons – Allows users to download and install additional products for SAP HANA.
  • Downloads – Users can download various client tools.

Upgrading to SAP HANA SPS7

Bob wants to upgrade his SAP HANA One instance to SAP HANA SPS7 and shows how to in 5 steps.

  1. First, Bob confirms that all of his SAP HANA servers are up by checking that a green check mark is displayed under the start or stop SAP HANA database header in the Administration tab of the SAP HANA One Management Console.
  2. Next, in the Addons tab Bob selects download and install for SAP HANA SPS7 Version 70 and then clicks install in the window that pops up window - Bob recommends that pop-up blocker be disabled.
  3. At the bottom of the page under the installing/uninstalling headers Bob clicks on the SPS7 icon, then on inputs and then continue.
  4. Bob then enters his database “SYSTEM” user password and his OS “hdbadm” user password before clicking the submit button.
  5. Once the installation is completed (approximately 15 minutes) Bob confirms his upgrade by viewing in the Administration tab that his HANA Version is listed with a 70.

Bob’s tutorial video walks through how to access the SAP HANA One Management Console and upgrade the instance to SAP HANA SPS 7 Version 70.

View other tutorials on the HANA Live2! Project at the SAP HANA Academy.

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-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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