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Tahir Hussain “Bob” Babar from the SAP HANA Academy details two methods for establishing ssh connectivity to the SAP HANA One Linux server. Note that SAP HANA SPS7 is required for the HANA Live2! course. To view all of the content and links for the course please visit the HAHA Live2! Project Overview.

Installing and Connecting with PuTTY:

Bob wants to establish an ssh connection with PuTTY and walks through how to download PuTTY and connect through PuTTY in 9 steps.

  1. First Bob visits the PuTTY download page in his browser.
  2. Bob right clicks on puttygen.exe, selects save target as and puts it in his downloads folder.
  3. Bob also right clicks on putty.exe, selects save target as and puts it in his downloads folder.
  4. Next, Bob opens the key pair pem file he saved on his computer when he created his AWS box and copies the key pair.
  5. Bob creates a new text file in his downloads folder and pastes in the key pair.
  6. Bob opens up his PuTTY Key Generator and loads the pem file that contains the key pair and saves it as a private key.
  7. Next, Bob opens PuTTY and enters root@hana into Host Name (or IP address).
  8. Then Bob selects Auth under SSH on the left hand side of PuTTY and chooses his pem file after selecting browse.
  9. Bob clicks on session at the top, clicks on save and then double clicks on HANA to open his connection.

Connecting with a Java SSH Client:

Bob wants to connect to his SAP HANA One Linux server using the Java SSH Client in AWS and shows how to in 5 steps.

  1. Bob enters the EC2 dashboard from his AWS Management Console and click on running instances.
  2. Bob chooses his SAP HANA One instance, clicks on connect and then chooses the Java SSH Client directly option.
  3. Next, Bob selects get info after he right clicks on his key pair pem file and copies the path information.
  4. Bob pastes the path information into the tab next to private key path and adds his file name to the end of it. Bob’s key path is /Users/Bob/Downloads/SHA_Videos.pem.
  5. Bob clicks on Launch SSH Client, chooses run, accepts the license agreement and then clicks yes twice to connect to his SAP HANA Once Linux server.

Stopping and Starting the Server:

Bob wants to stop and start his servers and explains how to in 3 steps.

  1. In the connection (PuTTY or Java) Bob enters su – hdbadm after hanaserver:~#.
  2. Then Bob enters HDB info to verify that all of the servers are currently up.
  3. To stop the servers Bob enters HDB Stop and enters HDB start to start the servers.

Bob’s tutorial video details how to establish a ssh connection to the SAP HANA One Linux server using either PuTTY or Java.

View other tutorials on the HANA Live2! Project at the SAP HANA Academy.

SAP HANA Academy - over 500 free tutorial technical videos on using SAP HANA.

-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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