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SAP HANA Academy’s Tahir Hussain “Bob” Babar provides a basic overview of SAP HANA Studio. Note that SAP HANA SPS7 is required for the HANA Live2! course. To view all of the content and links for the course please visit the HAHA Live2! Project Overview.

Connecting to the Server:

Bob wants to connect SAP HANA Studio to the SAP HANA Once server and shows how to in 6 steps.

  1. In SAP HANA Studio Bob clicks on the double windows in the top left corner to open a perspective. Bob chooses to leave the default SAP HANA Administration Console perspective.
  2. On the left hand side Bob right clicks and selects add system.
  3. Next, Bob goes to his folders and clicks on computer, then the C Drive, then the Windows folder, then the System 32 folder, then the drivers folder, then the etc folder, before finally right clicking and opening the hosts file in notepad.
  4. At the bottom of the notepad Bob writes in the IP address of the Linux box that contains the SAP HANA One instance followed by the word hana and then clicks save.
  5. Back in SAP HANA Studio Bob enters hana as the host name and 00 as the instance number before clicking next.
  6. Next, Bob chooses the authentication by database user option, enters system as the user name and the password he created in the SAP HANA One management console and clicks on store user name and password in secure storage before clicking finish to establish the connection.

Creating a Schema:

Bob wants to create a new schema and shows how to in 4 steps.

  1. On the left hand side above HDB System Bob clicks on the SQL button to open a SQL window.
  2. Next Bob clicks on catalog.
  3. In the SQL window Bob enters create schema live2 and clicks the green execute button.
  4. Bob then right clicks on catalog and chooses refresh to see his created schema.

Creating a Table:

Bob wants to create a new table in his empty schema and shows how to in 3 steps.

  1. Bob highlights the table folder in the Live2 schema and opens a SQL window.
  2. In the SQL window Bob enters:

set shcema live2;


            “memberId” INTERGER NOT NULL

            “firstName” NVARCHAR (5000),

            “lastName” NVARCHAR (5000),

            “email” NVARCHAR (5000),

            “avatar” NVARCHAR (5000),

            “lat” DOUBLE

            “lon” DOUBLE

            PRIMARY KEY (“memberId”)


    3.  Bob clicks execute to create his table in the live2 schema.

More information about creating table can be found by entering SAP HANA tables into a search engine and at the SAP HANA Academy.

Bob enters the SQL for three additional tables (connects, tweets, and timewindows) and clicks execute to add the tables to his schema. Bob gets the syntax for the tables from the HANA Live2! Project Overview.

Creating a User with Selected Access:

Bobs wants to create a user that has read only access rights and shows how to in 6 steps.

  1. Bob opens the security folder and right clicks on users and selects new.
  2. Bob names the user and creates a password.
  3. Next, Bob opens the object privileges tab and clicks on the green plus sign.
  4. Bob searches for Live2 and selects the schema.
  5. Then Bob clicks to put a checkmark next to SELECT and chooses no for grantable to others.
  6. Bob clicks execute to create the user.

To test the user’s rights Bob connects to the server with the new user and tries to delete the tables in the live2 schema but is denied access.

Bob’s tutorial video covers the basics of SAP HANA Studio including connecting to the server and creating schemas, tables and users.

View other tutorials on the HANA Live2! Project at the SAP HANA Academy.

SAP HANA Academy - over 500 free tutorial technical videos on using SAP HANA.

-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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