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MP Reddy is a Principal Consultant at NTT DATA from the SAP Analytics Practice.

Overview of HANA live views for ERP:

Real-Time operational reporting directly on your Suite on HANA and S/4HANA system without any redundancy or latency. Alternatively in a sidecar scenario next to existing SAP Business Suite deployment on Any DB.

SAP HANA Live provides SAP-delivered content (similar in concept like SAP BW content), in form of SAP HANA calculation views for real-time operational reporting. The content is represented as a VDM - virtual data model, which is based on the transactional and master data tables of the SAP Business Suite. The SAP HANA Studio is the SAP HANA application where the calculation views for these VDM are developed and maintained.

For more information for SAP HANA Live for ERP (Billing) :

This virtual data model provides the prerequisites for answering the following business questions:

  • How many invoices are not posted to financial accounting? (view BillingDocumentQuery)



  • Automatically aggregate views across organization
  • Significant time & cost savings
  • Differentiation through real-time business intelligence


Views in VDM (Virtual Data model)

  • Private Views
  • Reuse Views
  • Query Views


Key features:

  • The SAP HANA Live scenario as delivered contains “Private Views” which are the base views that directly use the SAP Tables.
  • The next level of views is the “Reuse Views” which consist of one or more “Private” views joined in combination to produce a
    composite view that forms a reusable unit related to a particular area or function within the system.
  • The top level of views is the “Query Views” which consist of one or more “Reuse” views joined in combination to expose the major attributes and measures that are needed to report on the various business scenarios
  • These “Query Views” are the only views that are exposed to the Client Tools to be used for reporting.
  • SAP HANA Live is now delivering 2000+ HANA virtual data model views and will continue to grow this number.


In this Blog, we are taking an example to activating Billing Related Query view “BILLINGDOCUMENTITEMQUERY”

Steps Followed to activate inactive HANA live views.

  1. Identify Inactive Query views through HANA live browser.
  2. Identify the List of tables used  for Query views through SLT file generation option from HANA live browser
  3. Check the inactive tables from all the views – Query, Reuse and private views as part of SLT replication.
  4. Replicate the missing tables into SLT schema once identified the inactive tables from step 3.
  5. Activate the necessary In-active Reuse views, Private Views & Query views when needed.
  6. Check the data preview from query view once the above steps completed.


Step1: Identify Invalid (Inactive) Query Views from HANA live browser .

You can click the Invalid View tab to view the list of invalid views. The invalid views in the HANA system are shown according to package hierarchy or package flat. You can view the tables consumed by these views by clicking Generate STL File button.

Note: We can download SLT file for multiple views at a time by selecting multiple rows within a table.

From Hana Live Browser search the inactive Query View by using an option “Invalid View Tab”

HANA Live Browser: Identify Inactive Views


Step2: Generating SLT replication files for a view or package.

We can quickly generate SLT files for a view or package by right clicking the respective package or view and then selecting Generate SLT file. We can also
choose the CSV button on the top menu. The SLT file downloads a .CSV file that is consumed by the views so that you can replicate the listed tables
before replicating the actual views.

Please find the below list of required tables for “BILLINGDOCUMENTQUERY”

HANA studio: Check the private views which contained base table whether those are available in HANA or not, If not we need
to replicate missing table (Shows in red color) into HANA through SLT.

Path: Goto HANA Systemà Under CONTENT-select Package- SAP—>HBA—>ECC & Search for Calculation view “BILLINGDOCUMENTQUERY”.

Step#4: Replicate the missing tables into SLT schema once identified the inactive tables from step 3.

SLT System: Once we identified the missing tables from private views of VDM layer (Query view) we need to replicate the tables from
SLT server into HANA.

Please find the below steps need to follow to replicate the tables:

  • To replicate the missing tables we use SLT replication using Transaction code: LTRC

Step #5: Activate the necessary In-active views once table replication done.

Step#5: Check the data preview from query View: BillingDocumentQuery once the above all steps got completed successfully.

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