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Analytic View

SAP HANA Information Models for Finance ( Analytic View)_1

SAP HANA Information Models for Finance ( Analytic View)_2

Analytic Model for Due A/R Items

This Analytic View enables analyzing the open items of the FI Account Receivables according to their due date. The open items into are grouped according to due dates between 1 and 10, 11 and 60, 61 and 120 etc. In addition, the view provides the total amount of the receivables, the amount of the due receivables, and the amount of the not due receivables. Also, various categories can be used, such as the company code, or country and region.

The due data analysis restricts to the customer line items for the calculation. Archived documents, or documents posted to a summary posting are not considered.

Data Model

1. Select your package. Right Click à New Attribute View & Give name details.

2. As result you will get below screen.

3. Drag & drop BSEG, BKPF tables in to Data Foundation.

    Add Attribute Views AT_CUSTOMER_COMPANY.

4.   Add below columns fron BGEG & BKPK Tables.

MANDT     BUKRS      BELNR      GJAHR      BUZEI      AUGDT      AUGBL      MANST       GSBER

ZFBDT      BSEG         SHKZG     ZBD3T       KUNNR    UMSKS     XUMSW     DMBTR       MONAT


As result you see columns are added in Data Foundation.

5.  Connect below joins in data foundation.

6. Connect below joins from attribute view fields to Data Foundation columns.

7.  Create below calculated columns.

8. Final Steps.

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