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Attribute Views:

SAP HANA Information Models for Finance ( Basic Level)
SAP HANA Information Models for Finance ( Advance Level)

Analytic View for Customer Line Items

This Analytic View supports flexible reporting for customer line items. The view combines both accounting document header data and accounting document line item data and has the following evaluation features:

Display customer line items according to various selection criteria, such as company code or address data for the customer

Display open items with an initial clearing date as selection criterion

Display open items by a key date with one of the following selection criteria:

  • Posting date before the key date and clearing date after the key date.
  • Posting date before the key date and an initial clearing date.

Display cleared items with a non-initial clearing date as selection criterion.

The following amounts can be aggregated:

  • Debit/credit amount in local currency
  • Debit/credit amount in document currency
  • Debit/credit amount for updating in the general ledger

Data Model

1. Select your package. Right Click à New Attribute View & Give name details.

2. Drag & drop BSEG, BKPF tables in to Data Foundation.


3. Add below Columns from tables BSEG & BFPF

MANDT    BUKRS     BELNR     GJAHR     BUZEI      AUGDT       AUGBL      KOART        SHKZG        GSBER     

SAKNR     KUNNR    PSWSL    SGTXT   ZFBDT       ZTERM       ZLSCH     MSCHL        MANST        ZUONR

XUMSW     WRBTR   DMBTR    PSWBT    MWSTS   HWBAS     ZBD3T      BLART         BLDAT         BUDAT

MONAT      STBLG   BKTXT     WAERS    UMSKZ    XBLNR      STJAH      BSTAT         HWAER        MANDT 

4.Connect below joins in data foundation.

5. . Connect below joins from attribute view fields to Data Foundation  columns.

6. Final Steps

SAP HANA Information Models for Finance ( Analytic View)_2

SAP HANA Information Models for Finance ( Analytic View)_3

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