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CenterPoint Energy (CNP) serves energy needs of over five million residential and business customers throughout the eastern half of the U.S.


CNP implemented customer vision platform, to provide a unified view of a customer across all lines of business and engage in consultative approach.

Predicting the likeliness of ‘why the customer might be calling?’ and proactive communication are made possible through SAP HANA and CRM Call Center Predictive Analytics Engine (PAE). PAE analyzes data across 7 systems, for ‘Super 8’ processes (40 sub-processes- High Bill/ Re-connect/ Outage/ Move-in /Street Light Enquiry / Home Service Plus and more), fetches 116 dynamic data points to generate 55 dynamic messages within 5 seconds of the call, and recommends agents with a likely reason for the customer’s call there by empowering the agents to handle the customer with confidence. HANA has significantly improved the performance of PAE, with
run times reduced from 90 seconds to just 1 second—a  9,000% improvement in many cases. Output of PAE is also shared across IVR, WEB and Power Alert Services.


CRM High Volume Segment Builder on HANA has been a major factor in reducing  the lag during customer segmentation process from 30 days to less than 30 minutes, an efficiency improvement of 100+ times, thereby enabling CNP Marketing team to pursue new opportunities and plan for future campaigns. HANA collaborates multiple big data to generate 100+ million records that includes but not limited to Business Partner, Contract Account, Contracts, Usage, Outage, Geographical location into a model that can be accessed by different dimensions with great speed and flexibility.  

In future, CNP would be using SAP HANA for even more customer engagement innovations and insights.

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