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In this document I'll cover briefly the HANA replication set up.

I currently have a test node running HANA 1.00.93.

An ECC test system is using it.

The replication relies, among other things, on using hdb logs.So of course, the primary system needs to be in "archive log" mode ( <- log_mode normal / enable_auto_log_backup yes ...  sorry ... remains of my Oracle past... ) , and prior to the replication setup you need a full DB backup.

The replication set up in itslef is easy and straightforward provided you have respected the pre- requisites :

  • Primary and standby HDB are installed and online,
  • Software versions are the same. Or the standby runs an higher software version than the primary ( which is an interesting point when it comes to updating with minimal downtime )
  • SIDs of primary and standby are the same.
  • The network ports beetween the primary and standby sites are available and useable ( have a look at your Fwall settings if required ).

Then I went into the configuration steps :

On the primary node :

I had this popup because I tagged my test system as a production one.

You define your logical system names :

This first part of the configuration is O.K.

Et Voilà !  The first part of the configuration is done.

Second step on the stby system :

You now have to configure the replication on the stby system.

Using the HDB GUI :

You need to register this system as "secondary system" :

I gave here the stdby logical name and the desired sync mode. Depending on the SLAs needs, you'll set the replication mode accordingly.

Validate this last popup and then the replication set up starts :

It can be followed here :

Once everything went fine, you can see these statuses :

Nice and easy !

Next step : takeover and failback !

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