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Hello SCN,

In this document, we shall discuss about how to connect to SAP HANA Database and Create a "Information space" using "Explorer" and get the "Geographic Display" of top 3 countries by "Sales Revenue".

To get the big data as mentioned by r.konijnenburg in his blog

So with the help of one of my colleagues named Anish, We generated "BIG DATA" with the help of following tables,

Table: MYDAY:

Data Preview:


Data Preview:


Data Preview:


Data Preview:

Table: Sales Channel:

Data Preview:


SQL for generating data for table BIGDATA:

insert into BIG_DATA
from mycountry,myyear,mymonth,myday,sales_channel,PRODUCT_SALES;

Data Preview:

Now building an analytic model on table BIGDATA:

Now we need to create an "Information space" in "Explorer" to explore this "BIG DATA".

Create a "new" information space and fill the"Properties" as shown below:

Now define facets and measures as shown below:

Now as we discussed we need to get this data on a MAP. To do this we need to edit the "COUNTRY_NAME" and make it "Geographic" as shown below:

Now we need to load the "Values" of our defined country list to map them as shown below:

Now we need to define "unmatched" Country names as shown below:

Now here we choose a nearby location with the same name as shown below:

I have flexibility to choose between korea and south korea. Here i choose "South Korea".

Now we need to check the "unlocalized" list as shown below:

Now i decide to leave the other 2 country names to be "hidden in geography chart".

Now index the "information space" and explore it. We can see the top 3 countries list as shown below:

Thanks for reading this document. :smile: Please comment your feedback.

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