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The Journey Continues - Episode 10 of 10

This is the last webcast in our ten-part series! This presentation incorporates many of the topics covered in the series and shows how they can be used to solution the Internet of Things (IoT). The speaker for the webinar was Demed L’Her, Vice-President & Chief Technical Advisor, SAP, who presented the impact of IoT and how SAP HANA provides technology for IoT architectures.

Demed started out the presentation by expressing just how big the impact is of IoT. Enterprise Architects should not feel pressured by all of the hype, but do need to keep a forward looking eye towards the impact and scale of what this means.  There is a link in the presentation to a Forrester Survey that gives more details on “The Internet of Things Has The Potential To Connect and Transform Businesses.”

All images © 2015 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the author.

Through the use of examples, Demed continues to show the impact and reasons behind IoT being such an impactful trend. As this applies to Enterprise Architects, I liked the quote from the presentation:

These are all areas for Enterprise Architects to focus on in the quest to add value in an organization. And now how does SAP HANA fit into this? That is what is covered in the rest of the webcast.

As part of an overall strategy for IoT, Demed covers a Bottoms Up or Top Down approach to how the technology can be incorporated into business. - Both approaches could be used by EA’s. Use cases from different sectors were covered from Gas pipeline monitoring with Geospatial technology, to power industry operational efficiencies by Alliander, to Weissbeerger in the brewing industry.

The top Challenges that companies have with IoT where shown to be:

  1. Security
  2. Implementation Complexity
  3. Integration Challenges
  4. Privacy Concerns
  5. Total Cost Concerns

So how does SAP HANA provide solutions to these IoT challenges? I think this was shown best in the following two slides:

First, more details on the security challenges -

With some security recommendations to answer the challenges:

Demed continues in the webcast to present other challenges of IoT like the lack of standards and the inherent complexity of IoT. To answer these challenges, he talks about some of the coping strategies so that you can still create architectures, even in uncertainty, so you can move forward.

Rounding out the presentation, a couple slides showed just how evolved the SAP vision of IoT is and how many of the SAP HANA topics that have been covered in this series can be employed. Enterprise Architects should be familiar with all aspects of the technology that SAP has to offer including cloud and on premises solutions. I think those that understand the different nuances and complexities will be able to build the most innovative solutions to help their organizations.

This has been a great series of topics for Enterprise Architects and how SAP HANA can be incorporated into your overall solution and business architectures. We have had a variety of topics and speakers over the course of the series. I will be doing a recap blog entry that brings the whole series together so watch for it.

Some reactions from listeners:

  • I had never thought about the security concerns related to IOT devices.
  • Learned about what is IoT and where this could be useful.
  • SAP HANA is capable of assisting companies in solving critical and important business problems.
  • IoT Cloud as an intermediate layer to get IoT data to enterprise systems.
  • Integration to enterprise systems is key to derive value from IoT
  • SAP HANA can process real-time streaming data

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