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The Journey Continues - Episode 2 of 10

Every Enterprise Architect who has not looked into SAP HANA in the last few months owes it to themselves and their companies to dig in and learn about all of the new features and capabilities that have been added over the past years. On August 4th, Henry Cook, SAP HANA Global Centre of Excellence, did just that in his webinar “HANA Basics and Fundamentals” by reviewing the current features and capabilities with a view to how this impacts EA thinking in meeting business problems.

Cook answered the questions everyone wants to know about, but are afraid to ask. SAP HANA has developed into more than just an In-Memory appliance. Ask yourself how many of the features in the following illustration you know about and how this could help you solve a business problem that you currently have:

** All Images Copyright Henry Cook & SAP 2015 - Download the originals in the webcast links at the bottom of the blog.

More than just a BW accelerator, able to do OLTP and OLAP workloads on the same appliance, SAP has really solved some of the technical challenges in reporting. Cook also pointed out how far SAP HANA has come over that past few years as it has evolved:

Continuing on in the webcast on the road to SAP S/4 HANA, there are a number of technology hurdles that needed to be implemented on the base SAP HANA platform. Cook compiled a few points of interest that also show just how far we have come:

Just how important is knowing about SAP HANA? ASUG CEO, Geoff Scott, recently had this to say about SAP S/4 HANA on; “S/4HANA is not a vision—it’s a destination. And that journey starts today. The ASUG community is here to take this journey with you.” The webcast supported this line of thinking as well.

The webinar could have focused on all of the “speeds and feeds”, but Cook also continued where our last webinar left off in how SAP HANA enables new business models. Later in the presentation, Cook put it in perspective when he mentioned that “the key thing is to realize that HANA is a fundamentally new, and better way of implementing enterprise systems and gives benefits in productivity, agility and TCO through its simplification”.

You could tell that Cook had a deep grasp of all of the concepts behind SAP HANA. He was very comfortable with the feature set and how they could benefit any organization. Building on this background, the next webcast in the series will discuss best practices in migrating from any database to SAP HANA.

What attendees said about their key takeaways from this webcast:

“ There are many features of HANA beyond just in memory.  Great session “

“ 100,000 x speed improvements, great explanation of how the column data store process works, Great presentation WOW! “

“ Very interesting deep dive on HANA architecture “

“ Some very good business reasons for moving to HANA “

“ Power of data integration analytics and I gained a much better under the hood understanding of how HANA works. “

“ Very good detailed presentation on the HANA from research to productive use “

“ SAP HANA is more than an in-memory analytics solution. Many components make up HANA architecture to make it what it is and how it works more efficiently and so fast. “

“ HANA is not just a database. “

“ I finally understand how column based DBs actually work “

“ There is much more to SAP HANA than only In-Memory processing “

“ A good overview of the breadth and importantly, how it accomplishes the breadth”

“ HANA is not just about In-Memory database, it’s much beyond that “

Watch the webcast recording and see for yourself about SAP HANA features for your own Enterprise Architecture.

Check out the recording here:

Complete Webcast Series Details

Need to access current and future webinars? Here is the schedule going forward:

All webcasts occur at 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET on the days below. Click on the links to see the abstracts and register for each individual webcast.

August 18, 2015: Migrating to SAP HANA from AnyDB – Tools & Best Practices
September 3, 2015: Simple Applications and S/4 HANA – A Review and How to Get Started
September 8, 2015: Extending SAP and Writing Your Own Applications on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
September 15, 2015:
Joining the Pieces Together – SAP HANA Cloud Integration
September 22, 2015: SAP HANA and Data Centre Readiness
September 29, 2015: Why SAP HANA, Why Now and How?
October 6, 2015: Implications of Introducing SAP HANA Into Your Environment
October 13, 2015: Internet of Things and SAP HANA for Business

** All Images Copyright Henry Cook & SAP 2015 - Download the originals in the webcast links at the bottom of the blog.

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