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Data Mart status in ADSO

Demonstrating how to view where used in ADSO.

Info cubes and DSOs were the primary BW objects to store physical data till BW 7.3, now these are replaced by Advanced DSO in BW 7.4 onward.

There are lots of new things added in Advanced DSO, one of which is how to read data mart status of a loaded request in advanced DSO manage screen.

This is very small feature but it’s very useful and time savior especially when an advanced DSO has been sourced to/from multiple info providers.

In Info cube and conventional DSOs, data mart symbol appears like below.

One can click the icon and see which all targets are updated.

In advanced DSO this information is available in a different format.

Reading Data mart Status

If none of the ADSO request is updated to upper target or the ADSO doesn’t have any upper target then you may notice the data mart column itself is not available in the manage view of the ADSO.


If some or all request are updated to upper data target then the Manage screen of ADSO will appear as below:

The different flag symbols represents different status of data mart status;

       Request Not Updated to any data target.

      Request updated to some data targets.

       Request updated to all data targets.


Use of “Show Connection” in advanced DSO manage screen.

Click on “Show connection” in manage screen of advanced DSO.

List of source info providers will appear on the left hand side as shown below;

Click on the source info provider name, request which are sourced from that info provider will get highlighted in the middle panel.

                 Request loaded from 0FI_GL_14 is highlighted.


             Request loaded from 0FI_ACDOCA_10 are highlighted.


Similarly you can click on any target info providers name and all the requests which are already loaded to that info provider will be highlighted.

Also, you can click directly on any request and its corresponding source and target gets highlighted.


Please share your ideas based on your experience as well.

Thank you.
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