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Problem description: sometimes it’s useful to have graphical representation of SAP HANA objects interaction. SAP HANA Studio doesn’t have such functionality.

There are a lot of javascript visualization libraries, vis.js ( is one of the most popular of such libraries. Vis.js library is easy to use and has many demo examples. This library is used for visualization in this demo project.

Demo project consists of 3 parts: HANA Views (MODEL folder), HANA XSJS Services(SERVICE folder) and vis.js part (VIS folder):

For testing of this project, you have to place XS DFV project (in attachment, replace .txt with .zip) in the root of your SAP HANA system and activate it. Then launch HANADataFlowVisualization.html: http://host:port/DFV/VIS/HANADataFlowVisualization.html?path=DFV. Variable path=DFV means that DFV is the HANA package for visualization. Output:

So you are able to analyze relations between views, tables and procedure, check author of objects and full technical name of objects.

Github: GitHub - dmitrimarinin/SAP_HANA_Dataflow_vis: SAP HANA Data Flow Visualization

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