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I just finished upgrading the HANA Cockpit to latest version to SAP HANA COCKPIT 2.8 and would like to  share some new and enhanced features and style of it.


The initial launch pad completely redesigned.


More segregated Groups


After upgrading the HANA Cockpit and the Manage cockpit had following popup for the first time login .

Click OK.

after saying yes , it did prompt me to log out and log back in then everything is fine.


New option added to change the appearance of the cockpit, currently there are less options to change the skill color etc.,



more user friendly configuration tab for adding , removing and modifying any configuration parameters.


now we can see recently access history .


Now the Manage Database has option showing related apps which you might be required to look into it while working on another app.


The view can be filtered by the options provided like Performance Management and security here.



now we can reorganize / rearrange the tiles dynamically.


With the recent update i like the user management part which made it so easy.


Finally the Localized Help for HANA Cockpit  this is cool.


HANA Cockpit USES :-


Limit failures and ensure acceptable levels of performance by monitoring alerts, resource usage and performance for:

  • Multiple resources

  • Tenant databases

  • Individual databases

More information

Managing Multiple Resources in SAP HANA Cockpit

Managing Tenant Databases

Using the Overview to Manage a Resource



Increase productivity and maximize system efficiency by properly configuring:

  • System properties

  • Alerts

  • Tenant databases

More information

Configuring System Properties in SAP HANA Cockpit

Configuring Alerts

Managing Tenant Databases


Analysis and Diagnosis

Prevent or minimize unplanned downtime by:

  • Analyzing trace and diagnosis files, as well as querying system views using SAP HANA database explorer

  • Collecting diagnosis information for SAP Support

  • Troubleshooting unresponsive resources

More information

Collect and Download Diagnosis Information with the Cockpit

Using the Cockpit to Troubleshoot an Unresponsive Resource


Performance Optimization

Improve business processes and end-user experience by analyzing resource usage and workload using:

  • Performance Monitor

  • Workload Analyzer

  • SQL Analyzer

  • Capture and Replay

More information

Monitoring and Analyzing with the Performance Monitor

Analyzing Workloads

Analyzing Statement Performance

Capturing and Replaying Workloads


Business Continuity

Guarantee continuous database operations using SAP HANA's high availability mechanisms:

  • System replication

  • Backup and recovery

More information

Set Up SAP HANA System Replication with the SAP HANA Cockpit

Create Data Backups and Delta Backups

Recover a Database



Provide safe access to applications and protect business information by:

  • Provisioning users using roles

  • Monitoring critical settings

  • Auditing activity in the database

  • Encrypting data

More information

Managing Database Users and Roles

Monitoring Critical Security Settings

Auditing Database Activity

Encryption Configuration


Other SAP HANA Capabilities

Monitor and manage any of the following additionally installed SAP HANA capabilities:

  • SAP HANA accelerator for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

  • SAP HANA dynamic tiering

  • SAP HANA remote data sync

  • SAP HANA streaming analytics

More information

See the documentation of the relevant SAP HANA capability on SAP Help Portal.


Lifecycle Management

Reduce maintenance effort by keeping databases and their components up to date.

Use the SAP HANA database lifecycle manager (HDBLCM) to configure and re-configure the SAP HANA system, for example, adding/removing hosts, or relocating the system to new hardware.


Administration of the SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime

Configure and maintain the basic administration-related elements of the application-development process for the XS advanced run-time environment using the SAP HANA XS advanced cockpit.

The SAP HANA XS cockpit is part of both the SAP HANA cockpit installation and the XS advanced runtime of the managed SAP HANA system. You can launch the SAP HANA XS advanced cockpit for a managed resource from the cockpit if it is available.


Conclusion:- Information is provided as per the installation experience and features observed in a demo environment and may vary depending on the target database features availability.

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