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It all began when someone posted in a social networking site "Cloud comes to HCM, what next in SAP". The reference here was to Successfactors HR solutions. But that immediately raised a question in my mind- If SAP is bringing cloud based solutions for already established in-premise SAP HR, then it must be doing something similar for its web based product too- The SAP Netweaver Portal. This was way back in November 2012. I searched through the internet and before I could type in my entire search term, Google search popped 'SAP Netweaver Cloud Portal'. There was my answer! Browsing through the SCN links, what I found different this time was that the team from SAP was very open to listen what the people expect to see and get in a portal. The free trial version was made available for developers to see and get a feel of the product. Based on that they could then suggest what can be improved, what more could be brought in. Seeing so much openness from the SAP's side, I was excited to suggest few notable items, which from my experience I could say that every client expected to have it in their portal, just out of the box. To my surprise, these ideas were personally acknowledged by Product Managers at SAP and this in turn boosted the confidence to dig in deeper into the product.

In the course of time, SAP renamed SAP Netweaver Cloud Portal to SAP HANA Cloud Portal, making it clear that in not a successor of SAP Netweaver 7.3 Portal, instead a new one which runs on HANA, hosted on cloud and is a solution to design cool websites to suit today's requirements.

My hangout video which recently featured in SAP SCN, speaks about my experiences so far with HANA Cloud Portal. Here, as I speak toifat.shwartz, Product Manager for SAP HANA Cloud Portal at SAP, I discuss about the adaptability of the product and the easiness to work on it. A very basic knowledge of HANA, a little bit of cloud knowledge and good programming skill is all what is required to begin with HANA Cloud Portal. Though discussed in the video, I would still like to point out the key features of HANA Cloud Portal:

  • Easy and fast site building experience, allows bringing applications, reports and unstructured content types together in just few minutes
  • Fast branding, SAP UI5 theming making it easier for developers to quickly develop sites
  • Superior user experience with device compatibility due to extensive usage of HTML5/ UI5
  • Great benefit for partners as it enables to extend SAP solution, SAP Store

My video features on the SCN page: . The link also gives more elaborate information about HANA Cloud Portal.

SAP HANA Cloud Portal is a repository in itself- Enjoy and explore more !

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