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Hi All

Basically I am very new SAP Hana Cloud. You can call me a layman on this . But after watching this video, definitely I can create and post a website.

After watching this movie , it made me feel like creating website and make it available to users is so easy. Isn't that Amazing .

This video explains  the creating a website, viewing its previews for different devices and posting (making it available to users).

This is so easily explained in 5 simple steps

Step1 : Opening a new site : Its like clicking on a new site like and giving it a name

Step 2: Choosing your content : Now you need to choose the content which you wish to post on the site from the catalog available (gallery, description, news feed etc)

Step 3:Adding pages to the site: You can add widgets,pages which you want to post on the website.

Step 4: Preview: Site can be previewed in tablet device view /desktop version with fully fuctionality

Step 5 : Publish the site : Now you can publish the site and with just a click

Isn't it amazing...

Thank you guys for the new learning today

I rate this movie 5 stars


Pavan M

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