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Cheers to the SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal Gamification Movie Challenge, for bringing up such initiative. This blog comes from a person who had no knowledge on SAP HANA and Cloud Portal before watching movies on SAP Portal You Tube channel. I heard the term SAP HANA in one of the team meetings with no understanding of it, I ended up visiting the SAP HANA and Cloud Portal videos on SAP Portal You Tube channel.

The videos are unbelievably fascinating and the background music keeps you engaged :razz: . The best part is the videos are short and informative enough to explain the topic in brief.

Movie Name: SAP Cloud Portal Overview

Duration: 00:00:56

The movie presents the crux of Cloud based Portal Solution. Some of the benefits presented are:

  • Easy customization
  • Easy site creation with unstructured content and SAP Applications
  • Business content Collaboration
  • Superior User Experience
  • Designed for Mobile consumption
  • Leveraging existing on-premise assets

Well the end of the video, made me recall my old school days when my teacher marked my notebook in red for wrong spellings :wink: .

Going forward to the second movie,

Movie Name: SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Duration: 00:02:15

The movie briefs on the current day requirement of accelerating time-to-value and increased business agility. Why SAP HANA Cloud Portal? The movie answer this question with below points:

  • Fast: Quick building and deployment of scalable and attractive sites which can be accessed anywhere and anytime on any device.
  • Open: Runs on secure, enterprise-ready SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Connected: Securely integrated SAP and third party data and applications with structured and unstructured content
  • Powerful: Enables enterprise grade sites with consumer grade experience
  • Rich: for designing branded sites, supporting mobile consumption and providing amazing social experiences.

Who will not get impressed with this cloud-based portal solution? I am impressed and exited about it.

Some of the Cloud Portal Scenarios mentioned in the movie are:

  • Cloud for service support sites
  • Extension package for SuccessFactors.
  • HR – Employee benefit and perks
  • City Portal
  • Cloud Portal for Utilities
  • Cloud Portal for Higher Education

This movie too reminded me of school :razz: . I guess the Platfrom was meant to be Platform :smile: .

Thanks to the creators and contributors of both the movies. I would suggest everybody to visit SAP Portal YouTube channel to watch the stunning videos.

For any information on SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal Gamification Movie Challenge visit  Movie Challenge Announcement blog.

Thank you for reading the blog.



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