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Create cloud-based business sites that expose content and your cloud, social, and business applications

Key capabilities

  • Integrated with SAP HANA Cloud development environment
  • Delivered with a collection of out-of-the-box widgets
  • APIs for development of custom apps (widgets)
  • Support OpenSocial standard
  • Mobile consumption through HTML5 / OpenUI5
  • Fast branding and customization

Main Use Cases

Portal Platform as a Service (pPaaS):

Enables developers to quickly and easily develop innovative business-driven sites

SAP Cloud for Service: Support Site edition

Offers a self-service support site with efficient frameworks to extend the scenario

SuccessFactors Extensions Platform

Enables developers to extend SuccessFactors solutions with extension applications

Key Features:-

Site Authoring: Design Web pages / sites in a WYSIWYG environment

Navigation: Easily and efficiently navigate between Web pages and content using intuitive navigation bar or from within applications

Branding and Theming: Achieve pixel-perfect design with rich theming APIs, reflecting your branding, colors, and symbols

Mobile Consumption (Support for iPhone, iPad): Run on all devices, with no extra effort, and responsive design

Role-Based Authorizations: Manage access to sites and content based on user’s role in the organization

Market Place: Published sites in an in-app store for easy consumption and starting point

Document Management: Enable content collaboration within the team and between sites

Analytics: Visibility to consumption trend analysis of sites for site owners


1.Open SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit

2.Switch to your SAP HANA Cloud Portal account

3.Experience the administration environment (sites, content /widgets, themes, authorizations, analytics, documents)

4.Import a site from marketplace “Atomic Open House Event”

5.Manage pages

6.Add out-of-the-box widgets

7.Preview site and publish

8.Revert changes

9.View site usage analytics

Product Resources

SAP HANA Cloud Integration - Test and learn more about SAP’s cloud based integration solution

SAP HANA Cloud Portal Documentation

SAP HANA Cloud Portal Learning Center

SAP HANA Cloud Portal - YouTube

Sample Code on SAP Developers @ GitHub

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