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Grocery Industry has seen some of the major shifts of modernisation and growth in India with increasing online presence, privatization, Fresh produce and increase in consumption of food. So myself nithyanandamvenu  and shankarsgs decided to explore SAP HANA Cloud portal by building a small analytics for Grocery Industry in India in SAP UI5 and publish it as widget to HANA cloud portal thereby submitting it as a joint participation to the HANA Cloud portal Challenge.

Getting the Data

The data is collected and aggregated from which is governments open data. We are collecting data through API which is fed into our widget real time using plain http request.

The wholesale price for daily/weekly for various food items per categories is being taken to find trends in them.

City with the Costly food

We plot top city on google maps using open widgets, SAP cloud supports lots of open widgets. The Average data is plotted with different colored marker on the map showing quick look at the cities with high and low prices.

You can also filter for each specific product by selecting it from the drop-down and also can drill down the map by selecting table data.

State with the highest food price

We are having a basic bar chart that shows which city has got the highest food price by using use of Bar chart from SAP UI5 Library with data coming through Ajax request to API.

Customizing the cloud portal

We had published this Widgets to our HANA cloud platform and created a new site which makes use of this Widgets

The site has been customized as per our Template using UI5 theme designer with custom CSS with three pages along with the home page.

The demo page is presented with two tiles which navigates to the map and the bar chart.

Learning outcomes

We had an entire different experience working with HANA cloud, a due shift from the regular HANA modelling and administration which we work. This is just a start, with the support for wide open widgets and strong portal functionality, HANA cloud is indeed a great offering from SAP that can be utilized more. Cloud is on the sky and we are ready to embrace it using SAP HANA cloud.

This exploration has been jointly submitted by nithyanandamvenu and  shankarsgs

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