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This blog is the winner of the SAP HANA Cloud Portal Developer Challenge 2015!


As requested by the SAP HANA Cloud Portal Developer Challenge 2015, we used the Cloud tools provided by SAP and created a real Fiori-like application using SAP Web IDE to develop, deploy the applications in the Hana Cloud Platform and register and display them in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

The app runs on SAP HCP and is used in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

Organisation of the project

When the Challenge was proposed on SCN we found it was a very good opportunity to collaborate between partners and develop a real Fiori-like application, HTML 5, SAP UI5 and CSS based. The application would be shown in the Fiori Launchpad. Olivier IT is a French-Hungarian company working on SAP Fiori application development and DUONEXT is a French SAP Consulting Company expert in SAP Real Estate. Then, we decided our application will be SAP RE-FX based. The first step was to organize a Design Thinking session with functional consultants, developers and a moderator-project manager. The session was very succesful and we defined that the "Persona" will be a Real Estate Manager and the app will focuse on a topic important but not very well presented in SAP RE-FX: the alert management. Basically a lot of Contract or Real Estate processes can trigger a date alert based on various reason. We decided to build our app as an "Alert Cockpit", focusing on what is really helpful for our "Persona", what to display and how. The next step was to design the screens based on the SAP Prototyping templates and a Data Model. Then we started on an agil's way to design our application. After 3 rounds of development and improvment, our application was ready.

Detail of the app developed and integration in the FLP

The SAP Fiori app is called the Real Estate Manager Alert Cockpit.

When the RE Manager access the application, he will have all the alerts grouped in four families with the number of alerts in each family and a color showing the hotness of the alerts.

He can select a family and will have all the alerts attached to this family, ordered by date and amount. He can filter the list by the hotness of the alert's date: over, in less than one week or in more than one week.

On the screenshot, everything is in French because we are mostly French companies but we created a i18n file for translation.

When the RE Manager select one line of the table, he reaches the next screen displaying the details of the alert groupes by Contract, Real Estate and Partner. From this screen, he has all the data needed to handle the alert and solve it: call the partner to speak about starting again the contract, calling the service to check the fire alarm explaining the address of the building and how to reach it...

The application was registered in the Fiori Launchpad and displayed in the Hana Cloud Portal. We took time to rebrand and restyle the site using the UI Theme Designer provided.

This app is simple and easy to use, exactly in the Fiori spirit, but it can be extended and would fit nicely in a SAP Fiori RE Package !

Lessons learnt

We developed this process only for the SAP Challenge but it was a real fun to work together, define a process and develop it. Now we have a lot of functional ideas and technical insights about what is SAP HCP, SAP Hana Cloud Portal, SAP Fiori and the Fiori Launchpad. The Design Thinking workshop brought us a bunch of new RE processes ideas to integrate in Fiori-like applications. SAP HCP and Hana Cloud Portal are really easy to understand and to use. The SAP Web IDE is a good tool, stable and with no local installation to do or update regularly. It is easy to use and powerful to test and deploy applications. We were impress and see a real future in this full Development Infrastructure from SAP... Bravo les gars !


DUONEXT : Alexandre Retho, Christian Verdier, Guillaume Herpe, Frédéric Blanc and Stéphanie Godel

Olivier IT : Sandor Veres and Luc Olivier

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