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Jamie Wiseman from the SAP HANA Academy details how to register for a free developer license for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

First Jamie walks through how to register for the SAP Community Network. Once logged into SCN a user must select products, then the technology tab, followed by cloud computing, and then finally SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Under Key Resources in the left hand of the new page Jamie suggests for a user to open “Get Your Free Developer License Now!” in a new tab. Once the new page has loaded a user should click on the first link

Once on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform page a user should click Log On and enter their information. After checking off a number of acknowledgements and clicking on the register button the free SAP HANA Cloud Platform developer license has been successfully set up. Jamie stresses the importance of copying the user id on the next screen before clicking on the continue button to access the SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit.

Jamie’s video walks through how to acquire a free SAP HANA Cloud Platform developer license.

View other tutorials on SAP HANA Cloud Platform at the SAP HANA Academy.

SAP HANA Academy - over 500 free tutorial technical videos on using SAP HANA.

-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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