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Jamie Wiseman from the SAP HANA Academy demonstrates how to create an SAP HANA XS application using SAP HANA Studio. Jamie is using a free developer license for SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Please follow these instructions to get your own free license.

To begin creating the application files Jamie first right clicks in the project explorer tab in SAP HANA Studio, selects new and then project. Under the SAP HANA Development folder Jamie chooses XS project and names his project myxsapp before clicking finish. Next, Jamie right clicks on the newly created project and chooses new and then file and then enters the file name .xsapp before clicking finish. Jamie then creates another file, names it .xsaccess and then enters the syntax from line number 2 from the “syntax for Part2_updated.txt” file that is available here.

Next, Jamie creates another file, names it .xsprivileges and enters the syntax from line number 3 from the systax.txt file. After saving his .xsaccess and .xspriviles files, Jamie creates an additional file named model_access.hdbrole. He next enters the syntax from line 4. This syntax references the platform user id, the package name from the cockpit and the XS app that is being created. These files determine who will have access to the application that will be hosted on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Jamie names the final file he creates myxsjs.xsjs and enters the syntax from line number 5 before saving the file. This syntax causes a user name to be returned when the application is running

Next, Jamie ensures that a path to the file regi in SAP HANA Studio exists. Jamie goes to window, then preferences, then SAP HANA Development, then repository access, and then clicks the change button next to location. A user should make sure they are pointing to Local Disk (C:)>Program Files>SAP>hdbclient before choosing the regi.exe file.

In the next step Jamie creates a local workspace for the project and shares the project with the platform repository. Jamie right clicks on the project name and chooses team and then share project. After selecting the SAP HANA Repository option and clicking the next button, Jamie click on the add workspace button. Jamie then names his workspace (myws) and clicks finish before clicking on the browse button adjacent to the repository package tab. There Jamie chooses the myhdbpackage before clicking ok and then finish.

Next, Jamie activates the project by right clicking on the project name, selecting team, and then activate. Then Jamie grants the role of model access to the platform user by opening a new SQL console in the system tab and pasting in the syntax from line number 6 of the syntax.txt file. Then Jamie executes the procedure to grant the role.

In the final step Jamie validates that the created XS application is working. In the SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit Jamie selects the HANA XS Applications option and chooses the package that was recently created. Clicking on the URL opens another tab that displays the information from the XS application.

Jamie’s tutorial video walks through how to create an XS application in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

View other tutorials on SAP HANA Cloud Platform at the SAP HANA Academy.

SAP HANA Academy - over 500 free tutorial technical videos on using SAP HANA.

-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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