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The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a place to make new applications and run/customize existing SAP applications. One of the SAP cloud services such as Success Factors use the SAP HCP to build customizations. In simple words, it represents the future of customizations for end SAP users and it will also be available in the coming time for other SAP cloud applications. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a platform as a service which comes with in-memory technology and SAP Cloud connector. Moreover, in SAP HANA Cloud Platform, a real–time data can be used by users from the SAP HANA database and different applications can be created which comprises of support for analytics, integration, collaboration, mobile and portals etc.

                                                     Source: The next view++


SAP HANA Cloud platform Security

Security is one of the significant part of the HANA Cloud platform which is easy to synchronize on all systems.This section of the blog will explain how does security works on HANA Cloud Platform. The SAP HCP consist of features to secure data for authorizations and for integration of applications for e.g. a user can log into several systems at once by using single Sign-on. There is no need to remember dozens of passwords. The following are the available options to make your applications more secure on the SAP HANA cloud platform:

  • Data security in HCP

The storage of data in SAP HANA database is equipped with different security measures. A strict data separation is required for multi-tenancy. Alternatively, the data can be stored by means of encryption. There can be numerous isolated databases in HCP which allows different applications to be separated from each other. So that multiple business units and customers can use specific data only. Additionally, to support recovery and back-up, data is also stored on the file system apart from in-memory storage and users can make a choice to encrypt the stored data. On the other side, this choice can be made individually for different users in multi-tenant landscape.

                                               SAP cloud identity security aspects, (source:SAP assets)

  • Use of authentication on the HCP

HCP applications have a default set of authorization and authentication services. Different Roles can be assigned by the users of specific application. This helps to make portions of the available application for the specific users. Furthermore, SAP Cloud identity service is the standard identity provider of the HCP which is also known as SAP ID service. This service is designed by default and choice can be made that whether to use authentication from the browser or to use basic authentication. Regardless of what identity provider you choose, the HCP facilitates Single Sign-on. The SAP HCP always uses the data provided by the identity provider as it does not store the identity information. If someone wants to integrate applications, they can use open Autorization (oAuth) scope provided by HCP.


  • Security of the integration using HCP

One of the most secure and simple way to integrate on-premises environments with the HCP is Cloud Connector. This cloud connector is also known as Secure Socket Layer, Which permitsthe HANA Cloud Platform controlled and auditable access to on-premises services. Users can use the services within an HCP application by using a set of java functions which is offered by connectivity services. Moreover MAIL, RFC and HTTP connections can be easily setup. Web services, ABAP and JAVA SAP systems can be easily integrate with HCP applications. The SAP HANA cloud platform use the generic identity provider for integrating mobile services throughout the entire platform. The personal data of mobile users is guaranteed by effective encryption and other privacy measures taken on the HCP.

                                                     Source: The next view++

At the end, in my opinion, this overview of security measures on SAP HANA cloud platform provides an idea of the standards and opportunities available on the platform. HCP provides all the components to quickly and easily expand existing environments, without any impact on existing security infrastructure and policies.

Special Thanks to:

tony.dethomasis2, @Tony De Thomasis SAP Mentor and Lecturer (@BCO6181)

paul.hawking3 , @Paul Hawking Associate Professor (@Victoria University)

For sharing their valuable insight and helping me to gain in-depth knowledge of the SAP world

Inspired By:

Nash Gajic nash.gajic, @Nash Gajic

Timo Elliott timo.elliott, @Timo Elliott

View this video to gain more knowledge about SAP Cloud security:

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