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P.S.  The curriculum and the pathway show here are now out-of date. we would try to update this article soon, but for now, please refer to original links for details about training and certifications.
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As part of our team’s New Year’s resolution, the consulting team that I work with is looking to surf the SAP HANA wave to have a great 2013.
And as an active member of the group, I’ve put together a couple of plans for the team to prepare for the certification program over the next couple of months. I thought I would share that plan the community. So here it goes…
From what we explored, we identified that SAP HANA provides two possible streams for certification:
  1. For Technical consultants:
    1. Exam: C_HANATEC_1   (80 questions, 180 minute)
    2. Certificate awarded: SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA 1.0
    3. Topics: Data Provisioning, Installation, Security and Authorization, System Architecture Design, System Architecture Implementation
  2. For Application consultants:
    1. Exam: C_HANAIMP_1 (80 questions, 180 minute)
    2. Certificate awarded: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA 1.0
    3. Topics: Business content, Data Modeling, Data Provisioning, Optimization, Reporting, Security and Authorization
  3. For Admins and Support Specialists:
    1. Exam: C_HANASUP_1 (80 questions, 180 minute)
    2. Certificate awarded: SAP Certified Support Associate - SAP HANA
    3. Topics: Performance, Backup and Recovery, System Reports, Trace, Authorizations, Monitoring, Operations, Configurations, High Availability, Installation

Certification pathways

Classroom teaching Pathway:
The following diagram shows a possible SAP HANA certification pathway via classroom teaching programs available from SAP. (Detailed information is  available here: )
                           Figure 1. SAP HANA Certification Path via classroom training
Hyperlinks (updated for SPS05):
E-Learning Pathway:
The following diagram shows the possible SAP HANA certification pathway via e-learning programs available from SAP.
               Figure 2. SAP HANA Certification Path via e-learning
Hyperlinks: (offerings for SPS04)
Exam-C_HANATEC_1 (this is the same exam as above classroom exam, just repeating link again):
Exam-C_HANAIMP_1 (this is the same exam as above classroom exam, just repeating link again):

Training details

A complete list of all SAP trainings is available at:
The following trainings are available and recommended (as shared by one user here😞
  • OHA10 : It’s a self-paced training; all the material is provided online. Obviously some content overlaps with HA100 but extra and latest content is available. This is nice to have (and not a must have) training for passing the certification exam.
This is a self-paced e-learning option, costs $500.00
  • TZH300: A remote classroom training, the course contents includes: how to do transformations using SLT, advanced modeling with HANA Studio, importing-exporting objects, join types, advanced SQL Scripts and CE functions etc.
This is a remote classroom training option, costs $1300.00

Completely self-motivated learning

One person completed the certification without trainings, but just reading the content and doing Hands-On practice. The list of relevant material is available here:
Resources (some content taken from this link):
      1. A good repository of all SAP HANA relevant links is available at this link:
      2. A good collection of videos on practical demonstration of most common SAP HANA activities:
      3. Go to and play around. Go to the “Test Drives & Demos” section and spend some time playing with all the “test drives” available. Might not help for the exam but definitely gives an idea of how stuff works.
      4. Some really useful videos: Hana Modeler (29 mins, gives very good overview of data modeling in HANA), Demo of Business Objects 4.0 tools
        consuming data from HANA
        (13 mins, if you are not used to Information Design Tool (IDT), its a good watch).
      5. If you have access to an HANA system and some extra time, a lot of guides especially for reporting tools are available here:
      6. You can also request access to an HANA system from SAP. All FAQs related to this access are here.
I hope you found these references useful. I plan to blog our team’s experiences as we prepare for the big day. For any of you that have passed the certification program, we would be super interested in your feedback on our plan as it unfolds.
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