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Hello, everyone

After using so many Calc.Views that call another bunch of Calc.Views, etc. is really difficult to identify the correct origin (table.column/formula) of some field. This was causing some rework to understand all information needed and to correctly check and model the data

To solve that, I developed a really simple way to connect to HANA, get the dependency data and generates a JSON using Python and jQuery:

You can enter a Calculation View name and it will check all its dependencies generating a JSON with this information:

       "sourceType": <Shows "DATA_BASE_TABLE" for table columns and "formula" for Formulas>,
       "source": <Shows table name for table columns and the Calculation View Node for Formulas>,
       "column": <Shows column name for table columns and the formula for Formulas>,
       "source": <Shows schema name for table columns and the Calculation View Name for Formulas>

You can check the code and how to used it at my GitHub: GitHub - rodrigocava/HANACalcViewColumnsOrigin

I hope that it could help others as well :smile:

Best regards to all !!

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