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SAP HANA Administration:

The administration console of the SAP HANA studio provides an all-in-one support environment for system monitoring, backup and recovery, and user provisioning.

  • Main Administration Tasks
    • Adding Systems
    • Exporting and Importing Systems
    • Viewing System Installation Details
    • Administrator Editor and Diagnosis Mode
    • Changing File Locations
    • Changing Configurations
    • Modifying the Administration Console

  • SAP HANA System Monitoring
    • Monitoring Disk Usage
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Monitoring with Alerts
    • Configuring Alerts
    • Monitoring Services and Distributed Systems
    • Exporting and Importing Table Data and Definitions
    • Monitoring Memory Usage
    • Moving Files for Load Balancing
    • Fixing a Full Disk Event
    • Support for Unresponsive Systems
  • Updates
    • Updating the SAP HANA Appliance
    • Updating SAP HANA Studio
  • Security and License Keys
    • System Privileges
    • Authentication Security
    • Authorization Security
    • License Keys
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