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SAP HANA Academy’s Denys Van Kempen discusses the new system usage feature of SAP HANA Support Package Stack 8.

Introduction to System Usage (0:00 – 1:03):

With SAP HANA SPS08 a user can now configure the usage time for an SAP HANA system. The system usage can be set to production, test, development, or custom during installation and can be changed at anytime using the system properties. With different system usage parameters clients can alter user behavior.

Setting the System Usage Parameter During Installation (1:04 – 2:18):

With a putty tunnel session to a SAP HANA Denys begins installing SAP HANA with a graphical mock of hdblcmgui.  With SAP HANA Lifecycle Management started Denys selects the defaults for the software location, elects to install a new system, accepts the defaults for the component screen and chooses a single host for the system type. Next in the system properties dialogue screen, Denys is presented with a new option that allows the system usage to be set with four different parameters. By running hdblcm in command line mode or using an installation file parameter script a user can enter any value for system usage.

Setting the System Usage Parameter in SAP HANA Studio (2:18 – 3:22):

In SAP HANA Studio Denys opens the overview tab of the administration console to verify that system usage has been set to custom. To change system usage Denys searches for usage in the configuration tab and finds it under the global.ini parameter file. Double clicking the parameter opens a change configuration value window with a free text field line where any system usages value can be entered. Denys types production into the system usage text field and notes that the parameter is set with an alter system statement.

Examples of the Production System Usage's Functionality (3:22 – 4:37):

After refreshing the overview screen in SAP HANA Studio, Denys shows how the current production system usage parameter warns a user when they attempt to preform certain actions such as stopping the system, creating a backup and opening a SQL console. System usage is documented on page 56 of the SAP HANA Administration Guide.

Check out Denys' video detailing the new system usage feature of SAP HANA SPS08.

View more tutorial videos about SAP HANA SPS08 at the SAP HANA Academy.

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-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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