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This tutorial video from the SAP HANA Academy’s jamie.wiseman demonstrates how to install a Spatial Map Client application. This provides an interface to use HERE maps. This is an updated feature released with SAP HANA SPS09. Check out Jamie's video below:

(0:18 - 1:18) Reference Guide

For information on the licensing and usage of HERE maps in this demo please visit and read section 4.3.1 on page 149 of the SAP HANA Spatial reference guide on the Spatial Map Client.

Note that the syntax used in this demonstration is available on here on GitHub.

(1:18 – 2:05) Downloading the Map Client from the Service Marketplace

The map client is available as a delivery unit in the SAP Service Marketplace. You will need an account in the SAP Service Marketplace in order to obtain this delivery unit.

To find the delivery unit, first log into the SAP Service Marketplace and then click on Products in the top banner. Then click on Software download and in the middle of the following screen select Installations and Upgrades. Next click the search for software link.

In the search term text box enter spatial before clicking the search button at the bottom. Next click on HANA SPATIAL MAP CLIENT 1.0 to download the client.

(2:05 – 3:08) Installing the Delivery Unit

In SAP HANA Studio click the File menu and choose Import. In the Import window expand the SAP HANA Content folder and select Delivery Unit before clicking next.  Choose the appropriate system and advance to the next step. For Jamie’s demonstration he has downloaded the Delivery Unit to a Window machine so he choose the Client option on the Select File screen before clicking browse.  After browsing to the location of and selecting the extracted files, click the Open button. Once the Import Wizard has verified the files click on Finish and then further confirm it’s successful delivery in the job log.

The demo’s installation can be found by expanding the content folder, followed by the subsequent SAP, HANA, and Spatial packages to reveal the mapClient package.

(3:08 – 3:42) Verifying Successful Installation via Web Browser

Enter http://hana:8000/spa/hana/spatail/mapClient/demo in a web browser to navigate to the main index HTML page. A sample URL is available on GitHub.

If you are able to see your mapClient then your installation has been successful.

(3:42 – 5:10) Setting the Proper Privileges

However, if you aren’t able to successfully display the map image in your web browser then you may be facing a proxy issue between your SAP HANA system and the HERE maps server. There is a specific file in the application that deals with this connection.

The first step is to ensure that your development user has the rights to access and then change the mapClient demo application. Back in SAP HANA Studio open the security folder and select your user name to view the Security dialogue. Select the packages privileges tab and click on the green add button. In the search text box enter mapClient. Note the search box is case sensitive. Select the sap.hana.spatial.mapClient package and click Ok to add it.

In the Privileges section click the box next to REPO_READ and also select the three options under Privileges for Imported Packages – REPO_EDIT_IMPORTED_OBJECTS, REPO_ACTIVATE_IMPORTED_OBJECTS, and REPO_MAINTAIN_IMPORTED_OBJECTS. Then click on the green deploy button or press F8.

View the SAP HANA Administration Guide for very detailed information on assigning security and rights to your users.

(5:10 – 6:27) Fixing the Proxy Issues

The remainder of this lesson is conducted using the SAP Web IDE workbench. If you unfamiliar with how to navigate to the Web IDE using the sample location below and that can also be found on GitHub.

http://<your hana system>:80<your instance number>/sap/hana/ide/editor

To be able to log onto the Web IDE you must have assigned your development user the appropriate right to access the workbench. The script below can be used by a system’s administrator in a SQL console to grant the user this right.

CALL GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE(‘sap.hana.xs.ide.roles::Developer’,<your dev user>’);

In the Web IDE navigate down to the proxy settings by expanding the Content folder followed by the subsequent sap, hana, spatial, and mapClient packages before selecting the nokia.xshttpdest file. Since you have already assigned your development user the appropriate rights to change this file you should now be able to fix the proxy issues.

Check out the SAP HANA Academy's series of over 75 videos on What's New with SAP HANA SPS09 as well as the playlist detailing the new Spatial features for SPS09.

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