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Continuing with the Smart Data Integration part of the SAP HANA Academy’s Live4 ERP Agile Solutions in SAP HANA Cloud Platform course, Tahir Hussain Babar (Bob) shows how to turn on the data-provisioning server needed to connect to a Hadoop system with the using SAP Smart Data Integration. Check out Bob’s tutorial video below.

(0:40 – 2:55) How to Start the DP Server

First on your machine that contains Eclipse, open Eclipse and then click on the Administration console button while your system user is selected. Go to the configuration tab and expand the daemon.ini file. Then expand the dpserver file, click on instance and then type 1 in both the new value text box for both the System and the Hosts before clicking save.

Now after hitting refresh in the Landscape tab it will display a yellow triangle to signify that the DP Server is starting up.

(2:55 – 4:50) How to add the Required Roles for the Live4 User

You will also need to set certain authorizations in order for the Live4 user to carry out Smart Data Integration tasks.

First go to your system user and expand the Security folder. Then expand the user folder and select the Live4 user. This is the user that a developer will use to do any and all of the work in Eclipse and/or the WebIDE throughout the course.

In the Live4 user navigate to the System Privileges tab and click on the green plus sign to add a trio of privileges. Essentially we will need to utilize an agent, install a Hadoop adapter and create a virtual table. So select ADAPTER ADMIN, AGENT ADMIN and CREATE REMOTE SOURCE and then click ok.

Then after clicking the green execute button those three new system privileges will be granted to the Live4 user.

For further tutorial videos about the ERP Agility with HCP course please view this playlist.

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