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Continuing the SAP HANA Cloud Platform tutorial video series the SAP HANA Academy’s jamie.wiseman details how to update the SAP HANA Cloud Platform tools and SDK. It is recommended that you frequently update the tools and SDK as new features and fixes are regularly added.

Updating the Eclipse Tools (0:21 – 1:28)

Installing and updating the Eclipse tools first prevents compatibility issues when installing and updating the SDK.

In SAP HANA Studio choose Window from the menu bar and select Preferences. Expand the Install/Update node and click on Available Software Sites. Ensure that there is a version of a URL for tools.hana.ondemand for your release of Eclipse (ie: and then select it before clicking Ok.

Now click on Help in the menu bar and choose Check for Updates. After the available updates load click the next button, agree to accept the terms of the license and click the Finish button. Once the software updates are completed Eclipse will need to be restarted.

Updating the SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK (1:28 – 2:46)

Open a web browser and go to and select CLOUD TOOLS from the banner at the top of the screen. Several versions of the SDK toolkit are available. Open the directory where your SDK was originally set up and open the readme file to confirm the version of the SDK you first installed.

Create a new folder to download the updated version of the SDK. Make sure to avoid unzipping the new SDK download into the pervious directory. Back in the web browser click on the hyperlink in the Download column for your version of the SDK, agree to the license and extract the contents into your new SDK folder.

Configuring the Location of the new SDK in Eclipse (2:46 – 4:25)

In SAP HANA Studio click on Window form the menu bar and choose Preferences. Expand the Server node and choose SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Update the SDK location with the newly created folder in the text box before clicking Ok.

Open the Java Enterprise Edition perspective and go to the Servers tab. Delete any SAP HANA Cloud Platform local runtime servers. Next click on the Window menu and choose Preferences. Choose Runtime Environment under the Server node. If any SAP HANA Cloud servers are listed, select them and then click the edit button. Update the location of the SDK with the new folder before clicking finish.

Check out Jamie’s video on how to update the SAP HANA Cloud tools and SDK.

View more tutorial videos about SAP HANA Cloud Platform at the SAP HANA Academy.

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-Tom Flanagan

SAP HANA Academy

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