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This blog post walk’s you through the step by step process for SAP HANA 2.0 high availability setup.  How to add a stand by host.

A distributed HANA(scale out) setup need 2 servers (one worker, another  standby).

Note : Both Host1 and Host2  server’s date and time should be same.


Below mentioned are the steps that need to followed for high availability setup.

Host 1 (worker)


Instance Number = 00

Hostname = ca

Host Role = worker

Host 2 (Standby)


Instance Number = 00

Hostname = portal

Host Role = Standby


NFS(network file system) is used to share the files between host1(worker) and host2(standby) (/hana/log, /hana/shared, /hana/data)

*Operating system used SUSE Linux SP15

  • Configure NFS server on host1 (ca)

  • Configure NFS client on host2 (portal)


  •    Install SID= HDB, master node (Host1) using installation media’s HDBLCM


  • On master node(Host1) execute action configure_internal_network (using resident HDBLCM) "./hdblcm --action=configure_internal_network"


  • Inter-service communication is configured now


  • On second node (Host2) navigate to /hana/shared/SID/hdblcm and execute "./hdblcm" to add host to master node

  • The below screen, shows services after adding standby node

  • Hosts – after adding standby node:


I hope this blog post information is helpful. can go through the below links for further reference (S-User needed to access the links)
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