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The GUI keeps disconnecting for some of the remote users if idle for 1 or 2 minutes while it's working fine with other networks.

The reply of matt.fraser on this blog post enlightened me on how to troubleshoot the connectivity to SAP landscape. I couldn't determine the issue earlier as internet browsing and normal ping command is working fine and has no delay.

This blog post is to share how I troubleshot this issue.


NIPING is a tool from SAP to perform stress test and network diagnosis.

We are using SAPROUTER to access SAP servers. So I will test the connection between SAP frontend client and SAPROUTER.

Full details of NIPING is found in Note 500235

Download the latest version of NIPING tool from SAP Marketplace to the frontend client

  • SAP Launchpad → By Category → Additional Components → SAPROUTER

The session in SAPROUTER is opened by command niping -s

In the frontend side. niping -c -H <nipingsvr> -L 3600 -D 1000 -P -T Network_1KB.txt

-c Client
-H <nipingsvr> Hostname
-L number of loops
-D delay between sends
-P detail print
-T name of trace file (Network_1KB.txt)

The terminal in the server will show a successful message

To be able to visualize the results I used option -P to print the result and -T <File_name> to export to a trace file.

The details of how to visualize the results of NIPING in note 2921370.


In intervals of 5 hours, 4 peaks happened, so the internet is somehow stable and it shouldn't disconnect that frequent.

As per note 2507582 changing the parameter rdisp/keepalive value in the default profile termporary solved the issue. Now GUI will stay longer on idle without disconnecting and everyone is happy.

To solve the issue permanently the ISP will provide us with a more stable internet connection.
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