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Hello World,

As a "heavy user" for food delivery apps, i always wondered how would SAPUI5/FIORI feels like for this type or most of the "app usage" today is around: food delivery apps, communication/social network apps and shopping apps.

Nowadays we can find SAPUI5 (specially on BTP public Apps) been used in all sorts of scenarios, even as a end user found them sometimes on multiple occasions (when i was in a store at the mall, parking lot, governments, etc).

What about something like this for a SAP Food Delivery App?

Combining SAP UX with other "Food Delivery" UX found in the market as of now, to do something like this:

Maybe there is a market share here to be explored (😎)... Just kidding, to many Food Delivery Apps out there worldwide. 🤝

For every delivery app (and other types of apps), there is the payment part... what about credit card payment in SAPUI5?


Drop a comment below on what other possibilities and scenarios something like this may help, ok? Let’s chat!

PS: Don’t forget to visit the Facial Recognition , Animation (SAP Football app) and the Gamification posts as well.

Best regards.
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