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This blog outlines, a general overview of SAP-focused build applications and steps to upload  test cases in focused build


  • Knowledge of SAP Solution Manager

  • Knowledge of Requirement, Transport, and Test Management

What is SAP-Focused Build?

SAP Focused build is a delivery platform that promotes an integrated ERP application lifecycle management solution to build and manage S/4HANA Implementation Projects.

Why do we need Focused Build?

It can be a single source of truth and integrates the following functions in a typical S/4HANA implementation project.

  • Project Management

  • Process Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Solution Documentation management

  • Change Request Management

  • Release Management

  • Test Management

  • Real-time reporting and Dashboard

  • Can be used as Validation Tool in the Life science industry covers from requirements to deployment

SAP-Focused Build Process Overview

It can be used end to end in implementation projects starting from Process management (L1-L2-L3-L4-L5 levels), Creating business requirements, and creating follow-up work packages for each requirement, work items for designing and building solutions, Solution document management, Test Management (Test Script creation, Test execution, and defect management), and Release management. The overall Focused build process is shown below.

How to upload a Test case in Focused Build?

1. Create Test cases in Excel and save the file in CSV format before uploading the script

2. Open the Test steps designer app as shown below

3. Click on Upload Icon as shown below

4. In the next screen, the user will get the option to upload directly in SolDoc specific folder level or the Test step designer folder level. You can select the files (CSV) you want to upload from your desktop and upload it in the Focused build as shown below.


  • After going through the above blog, the user should have learned a general overview related to SAP Focused Build and how to upload test cases in Focused build

  • Please provide your feedback/comments. You can ask Questions / Answers to the open Questions in the SAP Community here


Screen shots from SAP-focused build training environment
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