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Dear experts,

Is a pleasure to share more real experiences after days working with this topic, regarding a decision to implement customized or standard SAP FIORI Apps in processes with SAP Simple Finance in S/4 HANA, for example, and as an approach to guarantee the interoperability with IoT or HCI Architecture via REST as a technical point of view..

Business Vision:

With a little opinion based on real experience aligning the technology with the strategy vision, i can say that:

  • The digital era is here telling us that we must to gain flexibility and time to become simple in our strategy design, in our operation processes and in the way that we implement solutions via Mobile instead of inHouse vision...
  • As part of a big architecture we can identify that is not just to talk about one solution to materialize our dreams, is to understand that the innovation is a great key to success in Mobility, IoT, Big Data, S/4 HANA, Hybris and other paradigms that work hand to hand aligned to aim in competitive advantage & value added,

Process Vision:

I can share some tech and flows needs, that you can apply for your company:

  • Processes: Approve Purchase Order, Leave Requests, Project Report, Simulate Sales Pipeline, Confirm Production Operation, Cash Discuount Utilization, etc...
  • Capabilities: SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori launchpad, SAP Web IDE, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Cloud connector, UI theme designer for branding, SAP Cloud Identity,
  • Communication: SAP HANA, SAP HCI, IoT, Hybris, S/4 HANA, others...

Technical vision:

In this new adventure considering that even you can implement it by yourself (without complex scenarios), we are going to use concepts like: SAP FIORI, SAP IoT / HCI vision, SAP HCMPS, SAP Web IDE, SAP HCP, REST concepts simulating with a Northwing Odata Open Service...

About implementation (step by step):

  1. Creating OData Service in HANA Cloud Integration: Creating OData Service in HANA Cloud Integration - YouTube
  2. Mobile Services (just for idea): How to enable HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Trial
  3. Creating a Fiori Starter Application in SAP Web IDE for Sales Order Tracking Part 1: Creating a Fiori Starter Application in SAP Web IDE for Sales Order Tracking Part 1
  4. OData Services used: OData Services - CodeProject
  5. Link to your IoT / HCI solution (it was simulated with Northwind): Three ways of sharing SAP HCP IoT message consumption with others via OData



1.- Activate Services: the main services to activate are SAP WEB IDE and Development & Operations...

2.- HCP - Destination: even remember the configuration of the roles and authorizations fo your user...

2.- HCPMS: now you can create the application that will be used in SAP WEB IDE...


1.- SAP WEB IDE: now after to configure all the connectivity parameters, rols, destinations, etc... We can design the way as we want to request information, in this case simulating with Norhwing the SAP IoT or HCI services, for example, extending functionality maybe for our S/4 HANA Standar Apps:

a) It is important to activate the Development & Operations - Overview in HCP,

b) It is important to assign the roles to be possible to work with Mobile Services,

c) Lest configure REST Serfvice simulating Iot and HCI:


1.- Pings: to ensure that you have connectivity, you can test in HCP - Destinations using the ping function and you can do the same in hcpmsadmin...

2.- SAP WEB IDE execution: after we design the way to rest, we are going to obtain the complete project to execute and visualize in Fiori mode, but is important to say that there are other ways to execute with Android or IOS simulators; even in this part we can custimized the visualization of our FIORI APP or SMP...

Final Product:

1.- SAP FIORI App: note that in the Item section there are no coincidences, so in your solutions you need to be aware about the information that you want to request in the configuration / design mode...

2.- Confirm the invocation with Firefox, using odata url for products list:


1.- SAP Fiori: SAP Fiori | User Experience and Apps | SAP

2.- SAP Fiori Apps Reference: Fiori Apps Library

3.- IoT: IoT in SAP HANA Cloud Platform & Microsoft Azure

4.-  Example of issues: Push a message from ABAP to IoT | SCN

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