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Just recently, the latest wave of SAP Fiori apps has been released in "monitored delivery (not ramp-up)", with another 40 transactional Fiori apps. However, as of SAP Fiori wave 3, there had already been 61 transactional Fiori apps.

While the common name suggests a homogeneous family of applications, it also mystifies that these application are quite different in terms of their prerequisite back-end systems and required technology components.

This blog is intended to make those prerequisites and dependencies more transparent:

The light orange highlighted SAP Transactional apps have been added with SAP Fiori wave 3.

To summarize:

  • There have been the original 21 apps that only require SAP ERP 6.0 SP15 or higher:
    • Approve Leave Requests
    • Approve Purchase Contracts
    • Approve Purchase Orders
    • Approve Requisitions
    • Approve Timesheets
    • Approve Travel Expenses
    • Approve Travel Requests
    • Change Sales Orders
    • Check Price and Availability
    • Create Sales Orders
    • Customer Invoices
    • My Benefits
    • My Leave Requests
    • My Paystubs
    • My Spend
    • My Timesheet
    • My Travel Requests
    • Order from Requisitions
    • Track Purchase Order
    • Track Sales Orders
    • Track Shipments

  • There is still the original 1 generic Approve Request app:
    • Approve Requests

  • There is still the original 1 SRM 7.0 SP02 Approve Shopping Cart app:
    • Approve Shopping Carts

  • There is still the original 2 SRM 7.0 SP11 Shopping Cart apps:
    • My Shopping Cart
    • Track Shopping Carts

  • There are now 2 apps that need GRC Access Control 10.1 SP03
    • Check Request Status
    • Request Access

  • There is now 1 app that needs GRC Access Control 10.1 SP04
    • Access Approver

  • There is now 1 app that needs SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence 1.1 SP02
    • Release Target Groups

  • There is now 1 app that needs SAP enhancement package 3 for SAP SRM 7.0 SP03
    • Approve Purchase Orders (SRM)

  • There are 9 apps that ned SAP enhancement package 3 SP02 for SAP CRM 7.0
    • My Accounts
    • My Appointments
    • My Contacts
    • My Leads
    • My Notes
    • My Opportunities
    • My Tasks
    • Simulate Sales Pipeline
    • Track Sales Pipeline

  • There are 10 apps that need SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SP02
    • Change WBS Element Status
    • Confirm Network Activity
    • Confirm Production Operations
    • Confirm Production Orders
    • Confirm Project Milestone
    • My Contacts
    • My Quality Tasks
    • My Quotations
    • Release Production Orders
    • Report Quality Issue

  • There are 5 apps that need SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SP03
    • Look Up Retail Products
    • Manage External Requirements
    • Manage Material Shortages
    • Monitor External Requirements
    • Monitor Material Shortages

  •     There is 1 app that needs SAP NetWeaver 740 SP05
    • Monitor Archiving Job

  •     There are 4 apps that need SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.0 SP01
    • Approve Decision Points
    • Change Portfolio Items
    • Confirm Project Tasks
    • Create Portfolio Item Proposals

  •     There are 2 apps that need SAP SNC, UI add-on for purchase order collaboration 1.0
    • Confirm Purchase Orders
    • Display Confirmed Purchase Orders

In addition to those SAP Fiori Transactional apps there are the SAP Fiori Fact Sheets and the SAP Fiori Analytical Applications that I will cover in my next corresponding blog.

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