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Hello Everyone,

This is my first blog post – Excited and nervous!

In this series, Aiming to share my learnings with you all regarding SAP FIORI tips and tricks. Am an ABAPER but sometimes, we do get a chance to assist in SAP FIORI related issues. So, with this series, I will keep sharing 🙂

This blog is about the Concept of Cache Clearing! Sounds very techie but its actually one step work 🙂

As am part of HANA 1909 Implementation, we have faced multiple issues where we need to get SAP Note implemented for SAP FIORI related standard issues.

Introduction : Sometimes, even after applying the SAP Note, issue persists in the SAP FIORI app.
To fix this issue, we need to clear the global cache.

  1. This activity invalidates all server-side caches in SAP NetWeaver user interface services. Its recommended to execute this activity after the import of a support package as the cached data might not match the updated services.

  2. Go the transaction /UI2/CUST.

  3. Navigate through SAP Fiori–>Data Administration–>Invalidate Caches.

  4. Execute - This will invalidate the cache and new SAP FIORI changes will reflect in the App.


Thus, after we clear the Global Cache post SAP Note Implementation , Notes' related changes start working!

Keep Learning and sharing!

Hope you all find this article useful.

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