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Figure 1: Source: SAP

This was an SAP webcast earlier this week. Road Map is several pages long, so this is only covers the highlights.

We have some upcoming webcasts we hope interest you; one arranged by jocelyn.dart and another inspired by mkoch_wu 's great blog here.

April 2 BITI: SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (IFbA) and SAP Cloud Platform Forms by Adobe (FBA)

April 9 BITI: Overview of SAP Business Client 6.5

April 16 BITI: OData development options with SAP Gateway / SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

April 23 BITI: Help! We’re implementing S/4HANA! Here is how to prepare…

April 25 BITI: Preview of BITI Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference

May 22 BITI: Integrating My Inbox with SuccessFactors & Concur at Orica

Also don't forget to submit for ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd Las Vegas - more information here

Figure 2: Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies; anything in the future is subject to change.

Figure 3 Source: SAP
Navigation aids in Fiori roadmap slides

Figure 4 Source: SAP
Fiori: Brings business technology and users together
End user research before design apps
"D-Gates" are designs fulfilling requirements
One user experience

Figure 5 Source: SAP
Keep design principles stable
Role based - apps help you get work done
Adaptiveness - responsiveness, based on device using; can also add additional coding to improve user experience
Simplicity - core; no one likes overloaded UI's
Coherent - if using multiple apps, expect them to look similar and across products - S/4HANA SuccessFactors, Concur
Delightful - users are used to great user experience on user side, expect it in business software

Technology - SAPUI5 is the reference technology
- Apple partnership - Fiori for iOS and Fiori for Android
Other technologies come with Fiori 3 - follow design guidelines so apps look more like one technology

Figure 6 Source: SAP
Building Fiori successively into the production
SAPUI5 in Fiori 2.0 in the applications on the right

Fiori theme is applied to SAP Analytics Cloud, Customer Cloud

Later this year, first steps to provide Fiori everywhere, Fiori 3, using UI5 web components

What is coming with User Experience

Figure 7 Source: SAP
Timeline of Fiori, which started in 2013 with casual experience
2.0 more patterns, desktop, conversational user experience with Co Pilot
3.0 brings aspects together, introducing intelligence, better way to surface intelligence to the user

Figure 8 Source: SAP
What Fiori is today
Been around for a while
Continue to invest
Can build these UI's without any JavaScript

Figure 9 Source: SAP
Analytical List Page - visualize data in a list
"Embedded" analytics - more day to day work

Figure 10 Source: SAP
This is the successor of the master-detail page

Figure 11 Source: SAP
Recently introduced the Worklist which is like a list without the filters

Figure 12 Source: SAP
Example of slides of road map

Figure 13 Source: SAP
Big picture
Moving to conversational AI
Most internet access by SmartPhone
It will be normal that we "talk" with our systems in 10 years
Starting with SAP CoPilot

Figure 14 Source: SAP
Business Context - key element, pro-active
Future includes self-learning
Cross application - which system to go to (I need vacation - to SF)
Travel - take you to Concur
Open to build your own

Figure 15 Source: SAP
Make sure Co-Pilot is where you are - Slack (beta), mobile, desktop
Working with Microsoft Teams

Figure 16 Source: SAP
Use the launchpad
Look at Screen Personas to simplify screens

Figure 17 Source: SAP
Improve implementation experience
Today Fiori is not out of the box like SAP Gui is

Adding Rapid Fiori activation

Figure 18 Source: SAP
Generic user roles

Active specific
Roles are ready for testing
Create custom catalog
Generate custom roles, assign to users, generate authorization

Later this year content manager will be available to make things easier

See blog + notes listed in the slide

Figure 19 Source: SAP
Performance - room for improvement, loading launchpad, apps

Future - reduce footprint, packaging, not loading everything, more modern, progressive loading

Figure 20 Source: SAP
Fiori Launchpad - for all apps

Figure 21 Source: SAP
Fiori & SAP Gui with Launchpad - same theme

Figure 22 Source: SAP
Give users access to Fiori Launchpad
Search takes authorization into account

Figure 23 Source: SAP
Fiori 3 Outlook

Figure 24 Source: SAP
Fiori Home Page using Fiori 3
Working across company, cloud business units
Investing in digital assistant
Co-Pilot giving you insight into the application
New theme

Will be in stages; see theme and then cards on home pages

Figure 25 Source: SAP
Likely cloud applications will see Fiori 3 first
Common shell bar, structure, home pages
Expect second half of this year - Fiori 3

Figure 26 Source: SAP
Central launchpad vision; in the cloud

Figure 27 Source: SAP
S/4HANA local launchpad, other products have their home pages, and access
First steps expect this year; application integration will follow


What do you think?  If you cannot make ASUG Annual Conference/SAPPHIRENOW in person please join us on April 25 BITI: Preview of BITI Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference and tell us which sessions should be repeated as webcasts.

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