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This was a webcast last week, presented by Dr. Thomas Reiss, SAP

Source: SAP
Agenda is shown above
Parts of target design are available today

Investing in S/4HANA Fiori evolution

SAP Fiori 3 Target Design

Source: SAP
Evolving to support intelligent suite
Use intelligence to guide users
Introduce step by step

Source: SAP

It is an evolution, starting in 2013 with casual user interface
Started with lightweight use cases

With Fiori 2.0, started covering desktop use cases, and on the road with mobile, native mobile experience

Conversational user experience with CoPilot

Fiori 3 - focus on consistency across all products, with integration

Source: SAP

Consistent, intelligent, integrated

Source: SAP

New Quartz theme (part of consistent)
Left is Quartz light, adopted by many products already

Source: SAP

Consistency in shell design, header at top screen
Target design, including colors
Product switcher - simple integration, if on S/4HANA, select product switcher to go to SuccessFactors

Source: SAP

Standardizing on a home page
Can have product specific home pages, role specific
Spaces concept

Featured group, personalizable part
Still have tiles, in target design, envision richer contact, want to avoid information overload
Looking at caching mechanisms to avoid overload on back end

Source: SAP

Can have multiple spaces, home, by role
Contain 1 or more pages
Flexible way of structuring content


Source: SAP

Intelligent system to support user
System is able to analyze data and make suggestions out of it, rather than just responding to query
Could be rule-based, not just machine learning

Home page - cards could only show most important things to look at
- featured area, personalized information pushed there

Apps that have dynamic pages

Digital assistant, conversational UI

Situational concept

Source: SAP

App design
C/4HANA team
Scoring model, likelihood that a lead will turn into opportunity
Start working from ranked list

Need user to trust system

Source: SAP

There is a popover explaining the calculation/ranking

Source: SAP

Digital assistant, conversational UI
Use natural language - voice or chat

"tell me what happened overnight" and show visual representation

Majority of interaction with internet is phones

Source: SAP

Proactive situation handling
Powerful, applied throughout application
For situations not common

You get a notification (rule based or machine learning)
Context is explained to you
System makes recommendations on how it can be solved


Source: SAP

Try to eliminate time consuming logons on multiple system

SAP One Inbox - collect items from multiple systems
Top - central home page; not have to logon to multiple home pages

Fiori 3 Available today

Source: SAP


Examples of consistency across SAP products
Left - S/4HANA examples
Right - C/4HANA examples

Shell header and theme

Source: SAP

SAC - theme

Fiori 3 - Outlook 2020

Source: SAP

Spaces - first plan is to come in May with S/4HANA 2005
Multiple spaces
with one page, page can have multiple sections, sections can have tiles

Source: SAP

Next, planned, likey with S/4HANA 2008, S/4HANA 2020
Support multiple pages for each space
Idea is to have a space for each role
Could be personalized so user could change layout

Source: SAP

Two kinds of integration
Loose - product switch, go to shell icon, go to product switch to go from one product to another

Deeper - central launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform - embedded mode, shell header bar, seamless in same browser window

Navigate from one product to another

Source: SAP

What Product switch would look like

Source: SAP

Central Entry Point for Fiori Launchpad
Vision for intelligent enterprise
Entry point, logon, from there access all systems, across SAP solutions, on cloud or on premise

Source: SAP

One central inbox in the cloud from various local systems, giving you one view
Click on task, uses same shell

Source: SAP

Summarize what planning for 2020
Also working on notifications redesign

Situation page for select use cases

Central entry point on SCP is coming this year

Product switch is planned for the products shown above

SAP Developer Experience

Source: SAP


Continuously improving developer environment
Reduce TCD (total cost of development)

Stateful UI5 stack - useful for sales order

New control features, planning calendar

UI5 conference

Planned - UI5 test recorder - speed up creation of automated tests

UI5 flexibility

New UI tools - Business Application Studio - next generation Web IDE for building Fiori apps; provide Fiori tools to simplify Fiori development

Source: SAP

Investing in tools to help start project, what users need
Guided development to make it easier

Application modeler
Usage tracking - how people are using the apps

Fiori for S/4HANA Evolution

Source: SAP

For S/4HANA on premise, Fiori "offers a new way to work with system"
Doing user research, how people work, new UI, graphs, charts, building new Fiori apps
Fiori is role based
Fiori is supplemented by classic UI's

Different users have different apps

Enterprise search is powerful

Source: SAP

Single entry point from Fiori Launch pad

Source: SAP
How to get up and running, with over Fiori 10K apps/tiles
Select roles interested in, use rapid Fiori activation, have launchpad available
Based on that, use FLP manager, adjust, and go live.

Fiori content reference library - look at roles, applications, try in sandbox

Adapt for needs

Working on harmonizing authorization, so will be just on backend

Planned Fiori apps - look at innovation discovery

New Road map is planned to come out in a few days -


Q: With Fiori 3 will it be available outside S/4HANA?
A: Fiori 3, goal is that all SAP products use the target design
Will take a while

Q: Will there be any enhancements in Fiori 2.0?
A: New innovations are with Fiori 3, new apps support Fiori 3

Q: Can we directly implement Fiori 3?
A: Yes

Q: What is migration path from Fiori 2.0 to 3?
A: Upgrade Fiori Front End Server to 6.0
With S/4HANA recommend embedded deployment, automatically get it when go S/4HANA 1909
If Hub, you upgrade to FES 6.0

Q: What about reporting availability in different Fiori screens?
A: Smart Business is Fiori 3
SAC is target solution; it has Fiori 3 theme applied, Shell header is planned

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