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By Integrating Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) with SAP Fiori Application, you can optimize your warehouse processes by using SAP Fiori RFID Application.

SAP Fiori RFID Application in EWM enables contact-free identification, control, and tracking of packaged products and handling units by using RFID labels with integrated SAP Fiori RFID Application.

In contrast to barcodes, SAP Fiori RFID Application tags can offer the following advantages:

  • You can use them multiple times.

  • Multiple RFID tags can be generated at once.

  • RFID tags need not be directly visible for creation.

  • You can save larger data volumes.

For example, SAP Fiori RFID Application can be encoded with electronic product codes for unique identification of packaged products and handling units. For this reason, they are a useful supplement to using barcodes.

Using SAP Fiori RFID Application technology in your warehouse can offers you numerous advantages:

  • Accurate control of goods movements

  • Transparent information exchange in real-time

  • Avoidance of manual data entry

  • Guarantee of a high product quality

  • Protection of consumers against counterfeit goods

  • Improved on-time delivery

  • Increased inventory turnover

  • Increased inventory accuracy

  • Decreased safety net (for example, reduce buffers) due to increased transparency

  • Attracting end user by real-time accuracy

  • Managing the changing demand for smaller lot sizes passing through the logistic operations

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