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As we know that for designing FIORI application Prototype SAP has recommended using SAP FIORI design stencil in the Axure tool. Details of which can be found at Prototyping SAP Fiori Applications and

Below are few important points which can help u in designing the prototype quickly by using SVN Server and Team Project feature of Axure tool.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download and install Axure tool from
  2. Download the SAP ICON Font and Stencil from
  3. Upload the icon font and Stencil into the Axure tool as shown below :



  4. After loading libraries in Axure tool you can view them under Widget (All Libraries section).


   5. Working in Team : The basics of working in team using Axure is given at : .In Following  steps

     i have described how to Setup and use SVN Server along with Team Project feature of Axure tool :

     a) Setting Up the SVN server: I have used Rioux SVN ( server as it is free.

     b) Register and log in to Riouxsvn site. Post logging in navigate to > Repositories > Create new repository as shown below :


     c) Following are the steps to create repository:




     d) On finishing the wizard the new repository is shown under My Repositories.


     e) Providing access to the team to newly created repository :

    • Click on Repository Name and Activity overview screen appears. Here click on the Edit Team button at Right side as shown below:


    • Click on Add new user:


    • Add user id's of your team members (They should have account in Riouxsvn website).




    • Provide Read or write permission to the user :


    • User once added will show under Manage users:


     f) Click on the link under My Repositories (Here : TestVNPB) to get the Subversion url which we will use in Axure tool to upload Axure Team project, here            the url is :


     g) Create new project in Axure tool or open existing project and Navigate to Team (PRO) > Create Team Project from Current file as shown below :


    • Give name to your Team Project and click Next.


    • On next screen enter the SVN directory name : I have given the url which I have copied in step 3(f) and click Next


    • Wizard will also create a local Directory for the team project in your computer. On this screen click Finish


    • Let the processing finish.



h) Now when I log in to RiouxSVN,I can see the NewProject which I have shared from my computer.



     i) Accessing same project by another team member (Whom you have given access to read or write in Riouxsvn).

    • Team member should go to Axure tool and select Team(PRO) > Get and Open Team Project


                   click next.


    • This will import the project into your team member’s Axure tool.

     j) Editing files: You can check out the files and post editing check in the files from the tool.


Happy Prototyping!

Thanks krishnakishor.kammaje2 for motivating me to write this blog :smile:

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