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In this blog I am going to share the issues faced during the implementation of SAP Fiori My Timesheet App Version 2 and various SAP notes available to fix them.


First things first. Here is my system support package information.


Backed ECC system

Component Release SP-Level Support Package Short Description of Component


Front End Gateway System:

Component Release SP-Level Support Package Short Description of Component
SAP_GWFND 740 010 SAPK-74010INSAPGWFND SAP Gateway Foundation 7.40
SAP_UI 740 0013 SAPK-74013INSAPUI User Interface Technology 7.40
UIHR001 100 003 SAPK-10003INUIHR001 UI for ERP Human Capital Management


Before you get your hands on on to the application, you might encounter some errors mostly message starting with 'RFC Error...'.

This particular error appears in different scenarios. One being the value help fields not available, conversion errors like ALPHA conversions with fields.              There might be some other reasons as well.


  • Some Important Notes:

So if your system is having service packs SP02 or SP03, then there are some SAP notes which addresses all the known issues. Below are the notes.

      2223505 - My Time sheet V2(ODATA): Consolidated fixes

      2209905 - My Timesheet V2(ODATA): Corrections on top of SP02 & SP03

Note 2223505 is having the below prerequisite notes and these notes should be implemented in the same order mentioned below.

      2223506 - My Timesheet V2(ODATA): UDO report for note 2223505

      2221429 - My Timesheet V2(ODATA5): Consolidated bug fixes


  • Value Help for WBS element

Whenever the value help is chosen for WBS element, the system throws an error message "RFC Error exception condition "NOT FOUND" trigerred.
Implement the below SAP notes to fix this issue.

        2290522 - Issue with value help for WBS Element

        2298144 - Issue with WBS Element ID value help


  • Customer specific text fields in CATS0009 exit:

When you have implemented customer specific text fields like  CATSFIELDS-DISPTEXT1 and  CATSFIELDS-DISPTEXT2 as part of CATS0009 exit, you will face the same RFC error as mentioned in the below screen shot.

Implement the below SAP note to fix this issue

          2302090 - CATS Fiori My Timesheet: Run time error when EXIT CATS00009 display fields are used

  • RFC error in Sub operation value help field :

Choosing the value help for sub operation field will throw you the below error.

Implement the below SAP note to address this issue with value help of sub operation field.

          2298182 - Error when selecting value help for sub operation field in Time entry fields



  • Warnings message not shown in Timesheet application:

Though the data entry checks under user profile is having 'Warning' for collisions, Fiori app will not show any warning messages. Please implement the below SAP notes.

              2295307 - CATS Fiori: Warning messages are not displayed in time sheet

              2293728 - CATS Fiori: Warning messages are not displayed in time sheet.

              2326142 - CATS Fiori My Timesheet: Issue with displayed messages.


  • Order of Fields in Application:

We can change the order in which the fields appear on the screen. Create an implementation for the BAdi HCM_B_TSH_FIELDRANKINGS

Populate the parameter 'FIELD_RANKINGS' of the implementation as mentioned below. These field names are the corresponding fields of the  screen elements in the application.

ls_rank-field_name = 'BEMOT'.      " Accounting Indicator

ls_rank-rank = 1.

APPEND ls_rank TO lt_rank.


ls_rank-field_name = 'LSTAR'.      " Account Type

ls_rank-rank = 2.

APPEND ls_rank TO lt_rank.


ls_rank-field_name = 'RAUFNR'.    " Receiving Order

ls_rank-rank = 3.

APPEND ls_rank TO lt_rank.


  • Mixed content error when accessing application from external URL/Custom Theme loading:

    When you are accessing the app from the external URL, you will encounter a mixed content error as

    Mixed Content: The page at....was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint.

Implement the below SAP note to correct this issue.

          2230117 - Theme is not loaded in SAP Fiori launch pad

Submitted hours are not appearing in the main screen

Apply the below note in the back end system.

          2369732 CATS Fiori V2: Zero hours records are displayed in overview

Time entry getting submitted without any errors though there is no enough quota for the employee.

The above mentioned issue was addressed in the below SAP Note.

          2307871 CATS Fiori My Timesheet: Issue with quota calcuation

Unable to delete multiple entries when there is a warning message.

       Implement the below note to fix this issue.

           2370738 : CATS Fiori V2: Unable to delete multiple records when there

Favorites not saved when the duration filed has a decimal separator as comma or
Issue while saving favorites

       Implement the below note to fix this issue.

            2410811 : My Timesheet Fiori: Issue with saving and display of Favourites

URL cannot be reached error in Android devices

        This issue was there for android devices running on Android 6.0 with Fiori client prior to version 1.8.3.
Update the Fiori client version to 1.8.3 to get this issue resolved.

Looking forward for the feedback..Thanks

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