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Since its introduction, mobility has driven huge changes in design for both consumer and enterprise worlds, and the impact of mobile technology has been enormous in recent years. The rise of smartphones and tablets has completely changed the way we work, communicate, and collaborate in our personal and professional lives. In May 2016, Apple and SAP partnered together to revolutionize the mobile work experience. The partnership consists of three key components to achieve this goal: SAP Academy for iOS, to enable partners and customers to transform their mobile work experience with the right learning resources, a new SAP Fiori for iOS design language that unifies the best enterprise design experience of SAP Fiori with the familiarity and principles of the iOS platform, and a new SAP Cloud Platform (SDK) for iOS, which is a software development kit that eases the development of native iOS mobile enterprise applications. Let’s look at some of the resources available to get started.

Learn: SAP Academy for iOS

With SAP Academy for iOS, we enable partners and customers with the training they need to create native iOS apps tailored to their business needs. The academy brings together knowledge, tools, and resources to enable developers and designers to build enterprise mobile applications. With in-person and online trainings, you can learn how to build a great mobile experience for your business. Explore the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS online tutorials.

Design: SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language

SAP Fiori is a design language that brings great user experience to enterprise applications. To keep this simple and intuitive experience for iOS business apps, SAP has created a new design language, SAP Fiori for iOS, that provides the tools and guidance to create enterprise apps that seamlessly integrate with the iOS mobile platform. Leveraging SAP’s deep understanding of enterprise design, SAP Fiori for iOS provides UI components that meet the requirements of mobile business use cases, enabling designers to easily create modern role-based business apps.

SAP Fiori for iOS is defined based on Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines to give business users the familiarity of iOS design, meaning they can use their SAP Fiori for iOS apps without learning new interaction patterns. All the UI components defined in SAP Fiori for iOS are adaptive to ensure a delightful user experience. In addition, SAP Fiori for iOS provides design patterns, frameworks, and design stencils to support designers with their work.

Guidance on how to use these UI components and stencils can be found in the SAP Fiori for iOS Design Guidelines.

Develop: SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

We leveraged the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform and Swift, Apple’s modern programming language, to develop a software development kit (SDK) that streamlines the development of native mobile enterprise applications and transforms business processes for customers and partners. With SAP Fiori as the foundation, the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS combines enterprise user experience with SAP Cloud Platform services to make use of business rules and analytics, for example, for native iOS enterprise apps. Try out the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

Check out these three resources to discover how they can help you to learn about, design, and develop SAP Fiori for iOS applications.
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