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This weekend, I came up with the demonstration on What is SAP Business Application Studio, Difference's between SAP Business Application Studio and SAP WEB IDE, SAP Fiori Elements development using SAP Business Application Studio.

SAP Business Application Studio: A powerful and modern development environment, tailored for efficient development of business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise. As most of us know, it is available as a Subscription in SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment.

The most interesting fact about SAP Business Application Studio is, this service is handy with Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

SAP Business Application Studio Vs SAP WEB IDE Full Stack:

Now let's practice the SAP Fiori Elements template: List report floorplan.

Open SAP Business Application Studio and create a Dev Space.

Open the Space once it is in RUNNING

From the central page, click View -> Find Command

Search for below highlighted SAP Fiori Tools and launch it.

Follow the below steps to create List Report Page

I have chosen SAP Demo Gateway System ES5 for this trial.

Name the mandatory fields

Project Structure:

Open application preview in browser:

With this, the application output will show in a new tab:

Still willing to do changes to the application, go after below steps.

Opt a view:

Click the annotation indicator:

Just copy the annotations to existing annotation file in our project.

Please play around the SAP Fiori Elements templates and let me know your comments.

Thank you!!


BR//Dhanasupriya Sidagam
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