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Hi All,

Today, I am going to discuss my experience with SAP Fiori Elements (Analytical List Report/Object Page) as I had done. In this blog series we will cover the introduction of SAP Fiori Elements (Analytical List Page/Object Page) and we will develop a basic Analytical List Page/Object Page application using CDS views and Annotations.

1. Introduction-

  • SAP Fiori elements provide designs for UI patterns and predefined templates for common application use cases.

  • SAP Fiori elements (formerly known as smart templates) provide a framework for generating UIs at runtime based on metadata annotations and predefined templates for the most used application patterns.

  • The Analytical List Page offers a unique way to analyze data step by step from different perspectives, to investigate a root cause through drilldown, and to act on transactional content. All this can be done seamlessly within one page.

  • The Analytical List Page is just a combination of transaction data and analytical chart data.

For more information on SAP Fiori Elements and basics please visit my older blog post- SAP Fiori Elements- Introduction

  • The Analytical List Page is comprised of these three following areas:



  • Page Title

  • Page Header

  • Content Area (Page Content)


  • 1.1. Page Title- Page title is comprised of Variant Management and KPI tags.


   Variant Management                          KPI Tags


  • We can add up to maximum 3 KPI tags in an application.



  • 1.2. Page Header- Page Header is comprised of Filters and the result set of applied filters. We have two types of filter available:




  • Content Area- Content area is comprised of hybrid view (Chart view + Table view)/ Table view only and Chart view only.


 Next Step- Develop CDS view for SAP Fiori Elements (Analytical List Page)

For more information on Analytical List Page- Analytical List Page





Ankur Bajpai
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