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In my previous blog post - SAP Fiori Element using CAP Model - Introduction, I have introduced the demo project I created and explained what's the inspiration and goals of the said project.

In this blog post, I would like to drill down at a granular level on how you will be able to consume this project effectively. The objective here is to be able to identify clearly what are the changes needed for a particular application behavior, so let's get started.


Blog Post Series



  • SAP Business Application Studio / Visual Studio Code IDE

  • Basic knowledge of using SAP Fiori Tools

  • Basic knowledge of using CAP CDS Development Kit (cds-dk)

  • Basic knowledge of using Git and GitHub


How To Use

The List Report App Demo can found in the cap-fe-samples GitHub repository, under the demo-list-report branch.

The README file describes the purpose of the branch and lists the application behavior in a step-by-step manner. The application behavior is marked if there are backend/frontend changes.

By clicking on the hyperlink of a specific topic, you will be navigated to the git commit history where you will be able to see the changes for particular application behavior. This should help you to replicate the demo app, or if you are only interested in specific application behavior, you can use this approach to identify what are the underlying frontend/backend changes needed.


Devtoberfest: Open Source Week

During the last week's Devtoberfest Open Source Week topic, I was lucky enough to be invited by thomas.jung to talk about my open source contributions to the SAP Ecosystem. During that interview/discussion session, I showcased how to use the documentation of this demo project in GitHub. Subsequently, I took the List Report App for a spin to show how it works.



Just like what I mentioned in the video recording, feel free to provide feedback either to this blog post, or post directly an issue in GitHub Repo cap-fe-samples. You can also raise issues or bugs that you encountered when using the project. Although the project doesn't really have any JavaScript codes so if there are bugs, it might be SAP's but raise them anyway. 😄

Lastly, if you have any ideas to expand the current demo project into something more than what is it doing now, or would want to get involved in building this project, feel free to raise a GitHub Issue to start the conversation.




Appreciate it if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions. Cheers!~
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